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  1. Hmmmmmm I didn't think California, Texas, Florida, Jersy so on and so forth were midwestern states....because alot of writers from these states go as well. I guess Bashers crew from Cali are a bunch of herbs too huh ? :confused2: Oh well I see another rejected painter who didn't get a chance to paint at scribble or just a reject mad at the world for being a complete toy :crying: awwwww poor baby :haha:
  2. :yuck: some shit I've seen here has been obviously done by bombers. WELL all I got to say is bombers should stay bombers and leave the pieces alone because the pieces I've seen done by bombers are horrible (thats why alot of bombers not all but alot of them, hate on piecers because they don't have the ability to produce a decent piece :yuck: )
  3. PEOLPLE PEOPLE PLEEEEASE post some NEW pics, loved them after the 1st 5,000 times so I think its time for some new pics and I'm sure there was more to see then what we see here :beat2:
  4. I hate to interupt the slumber party fellas but can some one post new pics already instead of the same stuff and talking about how who looke like what, save that for your afternoon tea party thank you ;)
  5. stop tryin to score some puss-E points. cuzz first off, the pics actually ARE gettin better. in fact some of these bitches deserve some props. BUT as a whole, most of this shits wack. now if these girls repped for their cities... maybe they would get their props there. but if you decide to make a thread that speaks for one gender, then that gender is spoken for in all that you see there. hence- this thread sucks... step it up ladies, that includes you pedalpower Quoted post [/b] LMAO Exactly thats all that guy is tring to do is earn pussy points and some coochie coupons ;) so stfu with all the gentleman shit and watch some hot azz bitches paint :D
  6. didnt get a chance to finish it seems? Quoted post [/b] :yuck: looks like this guy needs some more practice too :yuck: and some of you all hit it on the head with Bloomington graff being garbage
  7. Macaroni Tony


    i can't believe someone actually posted this lol :haha: :yuck: and yes please take tha first advice that was given to you :nut:
  8. wow memphis has some dope shit, i underestimated them ;)
  9. uhhhh ooooooh did sum-1 go ova Ges? or did he go ova sum-1 else??
  10. Macaroni Tony

    Kem 5

    i heard you lost your penis in a freak cheese-grater accident Quoted post [/b] :haha: too funny but Kem iz another 3A alltime favorite
  11. FUCK yeah that most definantly would be dope
  12. lets see how long some of these ladies stay in the game because alot of them are in the game for nothing more than dick action. now before i get a shitload of hate messages, remember i said "alot" i did not say "all" so that means something like 90% are dick hungry :love:
  13. :haha: these guys are funny but I do give them this :rolleyes: they are lol trying :haha:
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