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  1. help its been a while why wont it post ..?
  2. what up maker ... perfect time for one of your posts...
  3. gun show @ hampton convention center today... get your extended glock mags. 25 & 30 rounds. full auto conversions, and glock rifle conversions.. im in heaven.
  4. Solid.. ALWAYS HAS BEEN < ALWAYS WILL BE.. Phone.
  5. by the way hes not MY BOY. just like MOST of the writers around Ive seen them all get hated on ... stay out type shit . now they wanna do it to someone else.. thats funny. thats why i stick to myself.. CLICKITY.
  6. Why wouldnt I want cyke to paint ..? uh I do aswell paint .. just cause its not on your schedule.. or area.. DROP YOUR KNOWLEDGE.. CLICKITY.
  7. What up niggy .. I told you to call Me .. Plus you know how busy I am .. 3 jobs.
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