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  1. breaking out the old stash with some new good shit
  2. HAVO


    haha you know it mang, Ol Graff Gangsta.... lol.... yo Hot Boy you will have plenty more flicks commin soon
  3. HAVO


    that's BERN 63 Quoted post [/b] Ahhh thanks for the update on that.....
  4. lol dont hate chump i bench like 20 mins a day not my fault u aint hip HATER hahaha well Kast you missed out yet again 2 days in a row so enjoy the list 2days bench DARK (autorack) PEPE (autorack) ARISE ( red cn box) KERSE & URINE end2nd (red sgg box) REUP (red cn box) ERO & APES (red nokl box) KOME & SETUP by reset (grey cna box) DRANE & rip MICAH (red cna box) SAE (orange cn box) SIGH & FIST burners (yellow ttx f box) WILD & KRUDE indian character & MELO & KRUDE charcter starkiss fish(yellow cna rail box) DEATO (grey cna box)
  5. well with all and all said heres the whole listing of this weeks bench PAULO & DENT (blue csxt box) EPIK,SPACE,& ARSN end2end (blue csxt box) FATSO & CEMZ (grey aex hopper) DYME & WISDM (red nkcr box) LABRONA streak (red cn box) CARS (red cr box) JURNE & JERK (red cn box) CHEZ (green box) NECS,ONOROK,REKE & PRISM end 2end (blue csxt box) SORC (blue csxt box) AWARE character (green box) STORI & COUPER (autorack) CHOSE & MAD (autorack) MORGAN & EMOH (red cn box) PARS streak ( red cn box) JIM, KWIK & ELMS (red cn box) E
  6. heres 2days bench fellas CENSE (autorack) ONOROK (blue csx box) ETHER & DEEK end2end (grey cn hopper) ? streak bowling pin IDENT end2end (white cnis hopper) BWORN & SOME (red cna box) FLOW (red cn box) ? & ENVY (blue cna box) GLUE & UTAH (blue gt box) MILES (blue gt box) GEEK & AREK (blue gt box) EVOKE (red cna box) BOXS kwest (red cn box) IDENT end2end (white cnis hopper) GS & SKEM (white csx hopper) NAK & CEMZ (grey cn hopper) RESONE (grey cn hopper) SLAME (grey cn hopper) PRES & ? (blue csxt box) ? ,character & N
  7. ok heres 2days listing SPACE, ARSN, & SPEKO (green box) BLISO (red cn box) SIGH (red cirr box) KUSH (red cn box) OWL,PELO,ICH,LEARN end2end (red cna box) SAFE (red cn box) DAZEM streak x2 (red cn box) PARS streaks x3 (red cn box) FOX, JANE, & MESKO (red cn box) APEL & GOULS (green bcit box) JAIN (red cn box) SLAME (cn hopper) AHCER & SLAME streak (black tanker) RESTO & XRAE (red ns box) TRE (red ns box)
  8. nice bench Hurst how was that salter and water pieces ? todays bench YUKON burner (autorack) EARS & MEMON (white pool hopper) JAWST (yellow railbox) CARS (red nkcr box) DMK wholecar (blue cna box) PHONE (blue csxt box) REMIX CASH & DAVER (blue csxt box) HONEY & KETCH (blue csx box) DENZ & GROK (blue csxt box) DEPS (blue csxt box) MONEY (blue csx box) SEK & UNIT (blue csxt box) DARK (autorack) ? & DEV (yellow married couple autorack) DARK (autorack) ONSET (autorack) DEKI & TONE (autorack) BRYER CRIK & WEBS (bombers wal
  9. haha get your ass a ride and give me money or ill smack u around only crack whores u fuking is your gurl down on the corner walking the block ( and quit bragging about your ghetto radio hooked up 2 your bike with a 9volt) play on playa lmao but yeah man most def we will be benching peace bro...
  10. well there was no line in the spot this afternoon so with that said heres 2day catchs MORGAN & EMOH (red cn box) PARS streak ( red cn box) JIM, KWIK & ELMS (red cn box) ELOTES streak (red cn box) MORGAN (red cn box) CRAE & WYSE (blue ont box) TEAD & IGES (autorack) HAZEL1 (autorack) BREAK & DARK (autorack) ? & TERSE (autorack)
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