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  1. BANOS KILLING IT .. well has been for a while now.. and guess what kids hes from oz.. so stop being racist and post flicks
  2. took the american goverment 7 days to give a fuck about its own people ..yet they would go and give iraq god knows how much attention and money..people are deprived of living requirements.. they try to break into buldings and house to stay above the diseased ridend streets and what do they get.. zero toleramce...nice fucking president use have safe journey to all the people who have lost everything and half there friends and familes.. hope the lord will grant use a new begining.. stay safe -from mr flick ..australia
  3. the last pic.. now thats a sight
  4. wouldnt mind seeing that casper .. is it on a passanger train or on a container...btw i didnt make this a aussie euro thread..im from aus so these are the only trains i see
  5. post up ya favorite panel..wholecar e2e whatever you like
  6. thats next to the zombe kero etc wc
  7. post flicks u thik ppl havent seen before maybe?
  8. post flicks that dont get whored
  9. that last peds was next to upem (upske) kins and another .. yeh not my flicks
  10. one of my favorite crews from around the globe.. props to inxs and rilo ..and many others much respect ..the sequence shots of rilo in action.. that was of a mad dvd.. tho hands down .. im lovin dh2
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