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  1. Watch the video I posted.


    A dispatcher has no bounding authority. They will tell you not to get involved in most situation's. Maybe the exception being starting CPR.


    American justice isn't perfect, it has it's flaws. However I doubt you would like the alternative to it, especially when you find yourself in front of a judge.


    Nobody here saw what happened, and most likely you got your information from a main stream media source that relied heavily on racial talking points and stringing your emotions a long.


    I don't know exactly what happened I wasn't there, but from the information I was given, and the charges he was facing, I do not think that he was guilty.


    I suppose I'm just some racist German Nazi though, oh well.

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  2. You know what, I can find articles that state both sides of the story and they have early, to dates as late as end of January. So I will fall back from that stance, but not because I know what happened either way, but because the information is so inconsistent.

  3. Your screen name fits you well.


    How so?


    The AR-15 never left the trunk of the car, this has been confirmed.


    You're on thin ice br0, pretty much anyone who calls a spade a spade when it comes to crap like this is considered a "troll" in Crossfire...


    A spade a spade. Right. No the problem isn't calling things out, it is the crying when it is done back to you in the same manner.


    Also 90% of the posts in this section are now trolls. No contribution to the thread or insight involved. Just "calling spades a spade". Exit stage right.

  4. This thread. I know I've been abusive to McLovin and RIPS recently out of frustration and it's not a great look, I agree. But I also don't think I get all hurt and serious if/when people return the favour.


    Secondly, I can understand why you wouldn't really want to debate the issue as it's a pointless argument. However, on the other hand it's pretty weak to come in to a forum, make a strong call and then refuse to back it up. I'd say if you're going to do that, then simply don't say anything in the first place.


    What do I have to back up? You just admitted it.


    I will also continue to say whatever I want, thanks.


    Just a reminder, no AR-15 used in this massacre.

  5. Yeah, he doesn't use the phrase "inside job." So what?


    But then went on to name most of the flaws in the report.


    Basically stating that he believes almost everything he did before you claim he has had a "change of heart".


    I don't remember the documentary to be honest. I don't remember what he claimed he thought happened. However it is over 10 years later, I'm sure he has evolved his though process.

  6. Just to point it out though, when you say "here" are you talking about the entire forum? The crossfire section? Or this thread?


    I honestly don't want to get into a debate about this at all.


    To me it's just funny.

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