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  1. lame... bump catholic crosses and neptune tridents and the SZE hand
  2. weird mix of writers hit that door... where dat is again? bump FAT 2 DEATH
  3. speaking of which, i saw a double SYCH hit off the UMBC exit last week... nice
  4. i know all we had were negitive words towords each other on this shit box but damn its a shame he was so young. i know his family will miss him.
  5. thank you Flattop R for the wisdom and knowledge that most people LACK. i enjoy your history lessons
  6. i dont claim to be a king at all..style or otherwise. it has been said tho that im up way more than ya whole crew.. whichs means i have speaking rites im amazed that your satisfied painting trains and chill bridge spots that no one will ever see on a daily basis. yo.. ya all wasting your breath on me thats all i really gotta say
  7. thanks for all that advice, dude. let me say this tho, i dont care. im not painting for national fame, or to be disrespectful to anyone. like i said i paint for myself. my name means something to me and for me, if u dont get it, step along. i dont care why anyone writes the word they chose. the people i know and write with arent concerened at all, for real. there are no rules to graff.. take it or leave it i dont mean this in a disrespectful manner at all, but i never heard of TC5 when i started writing, and thats ok. i did hear of zeek, mask, dave, ever, dillinger, shaken, monster, ander, tuffy and some other heads that i consider to be important to baltimore graff, none of which when i met some of them ever told me to change my name. they had respect for getting up and they gave it back. all outsiders are outside and i assume doing their own thing i like the bombing aspect of graff.. im surprised hardly ANY of you do that, out of towner or in towner. i thought getting up and or going all city was important, frankly i never heard of any of u till i got online (cept for a few that put in real work) Future- a bunch? thank you Viva- i wish i could bite wack "euro" styles with glorified fillins... people may say thats hot, but i think its gay but thats my opinion. over all i think u guys put too much effort in thinking and talking to me, i ignore what i dont like and maybe u should do the same or stay mad soaker- word fuck em... WE rolling, THEY hatin
  8. just to keep it going another day stolen from NYThread. this is hotter than anything u have ever done.. u should study this a little.
  9. im talking about all of you who think its neccesary to remind me on a daily basis how u suck off arabtc5. im sure that dude doesnt give two shits about me, you or the guy u duplicated your word from i dont give any shits about you or anyone in your crew. i dont go talking how toy yall are... i dont go crossing your graff out or writing any of your names for you.. all that is faggot shit, i paint for myself so i can see graff in the places i go. and aside from like 4 or 5 people, i dont see shit 5 or 6 years now... u got two spots (in fells pt area not even done the same year) that out of towners held your hand to paint... u think people take you seriously hahaha DO YOU!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! AND PAINT the biggest mistake i made was logging on to this site 2 years ago and now two years later everything is exactly the same... no one paints the city. period
  10. its always the people that dont really paint.. and dont really have any ups that hold on to that argument... who's really trying to be arab tc5?? shits not even similar stop jocking me, i cant tell if u are sweating me, or him harder.
  11. was that supposed to be funny? ur making yourself sound more and more like a nobody, for real youngin
  12. longpepper- whats your purpose? are u even a writer in baltimore? your name is new, but there isnt any new graff in town, so i assume u are a nobody popping off like the others Flattop R turn your PM's on?
  13. kepo is ridin dirty eli the bro does MIKE still get down? enity looks like he's having a spot of TEA NICE BOMBING FLIX, CANYOU
  14. people are talking why's everyone so concerned with a toy? im pretty sure you dont paint.. so get off my log
  15. now THAT wall has some piZazzzzzzz!
  16. i wish i could rep like 20 out of town crews pisssiKe wheres all the street rep?? that arek is tite.., this thread is ASS
  17. thats whats up! spye deak ELI train is tuff vose n sofer noice! this thread was suffering hard
  18. http://www.filecabi.net/video/1118219367.html
  19. http://www.filecabi.net/video/aintalltherestfu.html
  20. let me know when this thread gets exciting
  21. they, like lions are neither from or IN baltimore - who cares? uh oh kunt is biting Ketch i mean COLT damn.. who really cares
  22. teket n eMoh with the blast off.. nice
  23. i hate that balloon head WHOOOOOeR BWAHAHA that other 1 is great!
  24. u STAY on that clown tip, innanet hawdrock
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