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  1. ya knew he loves a adidias. twist shoes 2
  2. barry went an did it. twist shoes
  3. this coming from the guy that thinks WKT crew is up in SF :haha: :haha: Fuck wktoys
  4. so did bucket get his ass kicked by left? then why would he ran from you.... :haha: enuff said
  5. i think i might know someone who has it....you post the video footage of vecs getting the shit knocked out of him and then getting revoks nike shoe print embossed on his forhead and ill post the other 1. :haha: :haha: Quoted post you guys cant talk on my crew folks! u never heard no storys of anyone running right? lose'n a fight is better then win'n a fuckn foot race. Quoted post left ran ;) Quoted post Left never ran from anyone thats fact. you think WH's friend is LEFT. keep thinkn that. another fact is Bucket got the shit kicked out of him in the back of rasputin's. Same place Think got his nose busted open and took off run'n in traffic. Fat ass ME ran like 3 time. Bucket ran throught school with C on his ass......THATS FACTS :haha: need i say more? faggets [/b]
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