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  1. biggie's dead? :shook: :shook: :shook: :shook: :shook: :shook:
  2. demon is in ny and dot com is no more....
  3. “Washington just wasn’t big enough for both of us.� by Rachel Beckman Meet Borf’s nemesis He noticed the box at 14th and Q Streets NW the week before. Ever since, the damn thing has been taunting him every day as he bikes from his Rosslyn home to his Logan Circle office. It’s a freezing cold February afternoon, and the Anti-Borf is on his lunch break. “Here they are,� he says, circling the box and finding two of the ubiquitous tags. Armed with a small yellow can of Goof Off: The Ultimate Remover! and a rag, he goes to work, scrubbing away. The white Borf g
  4. yeah yall are some hood "rates"
  5. Lets get back on topic.. Coma n nore his r doin there thing yes... But becuz ur ina fucken mag does not make u king by any means ... Yes the mags will say there up there most but that's how most interviews are " we are here with (the bigest ryter ever) from (eastbumblefuck, Jupiter) tell us ur exsperiance... All that BS but... Dat nigga BORF has it on lock down there... That's all I have 2 say... Respect not jocken um! Bumps 2 Laze , Deph - 703 Yall will b seeing from me soon.. JAM1... Quoted post [/b] as eloquent as that was, hes got a point.
  6. Wow, thats some really hot "crome."
  7. bump this shit. how bout them skins?
  8. :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: i really don't think we should be sticking graffiti into the same realm as the freeing of the slaves or walking on the moon. jesus christ. graffiti is a bastard art, and it is represented in its purest form by the people that go out at night and fuck shit up. Write for Gold is awesome and all, and it captures the artistic aesthetic for graffiti, but by definition is not "graffiti". It is a "folk art" as someone mentioned above. this is not to say i have any less respect for legal walls, especially those on the level a
  9. Can we all just sit and appreciate this ballsy ass shit. at least the dc heads know what im talking about. Definetly one of my inspriations growing up, had some really ill spots on the redline.
  10. ehhhh maybe im wrong, but look at the handstyle, looks like felon's
  11. <!--QuoteBegin-eLeMeNtS@Nov 15 2005, 01:38 PM vaze/hayze ica. same guy i think Quoted post pretty sure that red character on the right of the last pic is felon.
  12. errrrr nevermind. :$: :$: :$: :$: :$: :snowman: :$: :$: :$: :$: :$:
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