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  1. what's good ?


    race season is in full effect - anyone mixing it up? rubbish?? joker??

    my "campaign" is going well so far, looking to really turn it up in the next month.

    even got to race a P/1/2/3 field last month and managed 3rd overall. gotta love those t-shirts!

    racing tomorrow — wish me luck.



  2. cus,

    the best way to describe the svea is "the way an ipa SHOULD be"

    i mean, i love the big hop and all that - but this stuff is so on point.

    you get a solid taste of the hops, a little heat and it finishes clean and dry. i can imagine some people saying it's too dry - but i'm into that. verging on champagne dry …love it.


    try it - it's amazing.

  3. 6715753897_ed8837a21b_z.jpg


    wear your helmets fellas.

    pretty sure i'd, at least, be a veggie right now if it wasn't for that helmet.


    on that note - it's cold and black ice can suck a dick.

    somehow my bike is in one piece, but my person is perrrdyy fucked right now.

    rubber side down my friends.

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