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  1. Gris is the homie UWS, that's why I was asking, thanks for clearing that up, I didnt think that was the case. And sheesh GREW I guess Im so burned out I didnt realize not everyone understands the concept of a question mark. This is what I was talkin about:
  2. grisl snitch? joins cbs? weak. tight.
  3. yo, if anyone knows about tacoma please PM me, just moved up from PDX. Baby I'm tryin to find out...
  4. best page ive seen in a while
  5. Damn, vressays puttin in major work. Shit is freshto deth ferreal
  6. i caught a hecka dope Elbo truck off of killingsworth and like 59th today. big ups Grisle and wheres the Liam flick emte bonus elbo getsu spot out north? r u hating or slipping vandal kid?
  7. enough- killin em'- enuf sed joins- steady rockin spoil- dammmn who is the other dude in the HOD prodo?- shits fresh.
  8. To the kid who wanted "ones" on the max at lloyd center last night while i was headed home after class- i dont know who u are and in dont care, im not gonna fight anyone at a max stop ever, especially if they wont say who they are or why they have "beef with my crew", a crew that a. never really was and b. no body reps any more and c. no one ever cared about anyways, i hate Graff for exactly this reason- stupid angry middle class white kids always want to fight about some dumb shit that i really dont care about. So just to cover my ass here: im sure ur a "doper writer" than me, im sure ur crew is way more up and harder than mine, compared to u im surely just a toy, my firends and my graff is wicked queer while urs is just the bees knees- u proved this last night. And im sure if u ever see me on the street and jump me like u promised that u'll not only win because i'm smaller than u and not a fighter, but u'll teach me a real lesson, and ill walk away saying "damn that kid is super gangster and fresh"- but u might have to tell me ur name so i know who bested me.
  9. i seen this fly ass girl on the bus yesterday- i was hella feelin her till i saw the tokeyo and gator tags on her shoes....
  10. metroe ming post. whoes got duerags pics? how about that?
  11. dude! totally sweet! if paybacks a bitch ill be in debt forever...
  12. lets see the MLS shit next to it huh?
  13. big ups to lard ass some of the dopest shit ive ever seen on this thread and some major dope shit from portland that i never even knew about those btoe's are fucking ill, and i never knew triel rocked like that, or acs, shit. good lookin with the lesson puts a whole new light on todays shit...
  14. a different (better) amor <a href="http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e341/liam86/?action=view&current=Image000.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e341/liam86/Image000.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  15. ALTER christmas prodo... so fresh
  16. that fake enuf shit is wack.. yo kid the real enuf is dope so.... maybe get a clue? learn to write? i dunno
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