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  1. Haha yeeeee... Who got somethin on kkkatie? $$
  2. "Snitching"? One writer tellin another where to find a hater (especially when that conflict originates from the hater's initializing of uncalled-for disrespect/cowardly immaturity), is nowhere near the same as "snitching" to the pigs to assist in an investigation/arrest/conviction. Youre taking the word "snitching" out of its original political context, which has always been in reference to those who collaborate w/ the legal system. The skrilla is a minor show of appreciation (grown men dont ask for favors w/out bringin somethin to the table), not a representation of anybodys finnancial status
  3. Also, a zip of high-grade tree for the jeep-thang parkin spot.
  4. $500 cash for the exact location/address of Afroe's home (not just the intersection/general area). I aint no fuckin pig, I aint explaining shit, niggas know. Respond through a PM.
  5. & rip hubba, some real sf shit.
  6. "We've reached a point in our civilization where counterculture has mutated into a self-obsessed aesthetic vacuum." "...Such things have become shameless clichés of a class of individuals that seek to escape their own wealth and privilege by immersing themselves in the aesthetic of the working class." "Hipsterdom is the first "counterculture" to be born under the advertising industry's microscope, leaving it open to constant manipulation but also forcing its participants to continually shift their interests and affiliations. Less a subculture, the hipster is a consumer group – using
  7. Thanks for this. I've noticed there's hella disregard for the original rules of this game nowadays regarding respect, dissing, snitching etc. Niggas think cause they're willing to hack someone & cause hella immature, corny tag-banging drama (which is all stupid shit that doesn't have ANYTHING to do with reclaiming public space, fighting the buff, or maintaining/developing OUR culture) that that makes them solid graff writers, & it doesn't. Good graff writers are defined by the AMOUNT of, & QUALITY of, their work. EVERYTHING ELSE is sideline distractions. You're not supposed to diss
  8. fucking toy ass idiots like niggas dont know where niggas live.
  9. If I meet him, I'ma play it off smooth & not act pissed, & initiate an intelligent exchange of ideas with him. I'ma hear him out & try to understand him, & try to narrow in on which subconscious ideas & life experiences are causing him to develop such a racist, un-creative, inhumane perspective. Once he hears that I'm genuinely trying to have a discussion, he'll start to let his guard down, & he'll start really engaging with me, little by little taking our conversation more seriously. Then I'll start breaking down to him the motivations, intentions & reasoning
  10. Right. I'm a bitch, but you wont respond to my pm's, or say who you are. So petty, someone's deffinately butthurt. I'm almost sure of who you are, but I ain't gonna call you out & stoop down to your level of drysnitching (cops on here, IP adresses, etc.). Keep thinking I don't know who you are nigga, wait when I see you again. Keep makin a coward of yourself. I'm gonna ignore you now, until you're man enough to state yo name & be about yo shit. Hate away. Late.
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