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  1. Trying out some colouring pencils, and first time trying 3d since 2003 haha Blending got a bit fucked, and the Z...
  2. Hmmm, its been too long... Some things you dont forget, kinda need to work on my style though
  3. Not been here in quite some time...
  4. Dont worry bout it, I'll be awrite.
  5. Nice finish, but the letterforms and shapes really hurt my eyes.
  6. Haha, we call them gay barriers where I come from, it seperates your piece from the gayness around it. Accept, try something new with your 3d, thats what I did with my letters first when going 3d back in 2001. Its just.... a little bit too corporal for 3d if you know what i mean.
  7. We give you... INeRtIa... Movers and Shakers. Just a quick ting for an online battle, quite rushed.
  8. I didnt get the lines right so some of it is a bit lame eh
  9. I never get comments. Not bad enough, not good enough haha. So am gonnae post some older stuff... Atom Azuro Deos Omen Rizla Mech Shok Copic Asda Entry Silo LOL
  10. Seriously, I hant seen anyting all that great here for a LONG time. The stuff is nice, but nothin fresh. No offence lads.
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