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  1. What's up Memphis!!! I'm still up here in northern Idaho...sucks assssss! oh well. be back soon. peace!!!
  2. Relic DA Oh well...I have it posted on my DA page. It should work ok there.
  3. The Spot VR If you 'right click' on the link and 'save as', you can expand the QTVR to full screen. The file will take a few minutes to load it is about 3.59MB but it's worth the wait! When it finishes loading just click and drag on the image to rotate nearly 360 degrees. [This sucks! Fuckin' internet nazi's wont let me use their "free webspace" to share this file, they keep changing the url!...I'm only gonna update this url a few more times, unless somebody knows a good place to store files online that wont be fucked with by big fuckin' faggot internet bitches! ]
  4. did this "DEMEK" for the battle thread.
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