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  1. tead stori esau far moneyfreight and always justo rocking it hecka proper -oral.
  2. shut the fuck up dude.. and yes, as much as you would love to say something fucking witty, this does have a lot to do with me you colostomy draining, dick smoking, aids faced, hippy.. well im sure you arent a hippy but regardless.. but to your pleasure i have erased all of that.. papa fucking boner neck.. i hate chicken.. never willl i eat chicken again.. i ate it too much when i was younger.. are you happy with my chicken problem now seeking?
  3. pluto... i like you but dont incorporate me with most of those other people....thankyou -oral
  4. is there a total of like 4 writers in san jose?
  5. Flame Broiled Shit Actually From the Suburbs
  6. god seeking you are so negative.. is it selfesteem? cause i had low selfesteem but i learned that all i need to do is buy sweet clothes and go to places like "envy" and "posh".. now im happier than a clam.. -white linen pants summer 06..
  7. dude.. man.. dont say that.. we are supposed to be putting on a hard ass internet image.. of course you are always included man come on now. let me restate that.. Twofor Fifty Jcase nicole mole.. Team Digital Sticks.. god.. now that ive said it twice, it just doesnt have the same feeling.. everything is all jazzed up now..
  8. i told myself i wouldnt bicker on the net so i wont.. yeah sqrrlmastr, everyone gets older and wiser.. no more days of rattling my mouth off like a dumbass.. i run with a new crew of yuppies and close minded rich folks.. its great really, until the topic of graffiti comes up.. paul wall??? come on now.. hes the realest shit reppin texas.. ice? woodgrain?? candy paint drippin?? drapped up?? sippin that oil?? switchin lanes? if you just said those words back to back all the time you could drop at least a gold record and ice the fuck out of your teeth.. fuck that im gettin a swishahouse t-shirt.. two for fifty and j case Team Digital Sticks i know you been waitin on this album..
  9. Quoted post [/b] happygo lucky- gay.. yes gay.. not giving a shit? good.. i tend to lean towards that.. thug appeal? gay.. we are white.. diesel jeans?? gay.. yes.. gay.. sushi? awesome when put together right gray? dope tight pants? key chains from the belt loops? trailer appeal? bad music? yes all gay.. "feeding bitches sausage"?? "fat blunt smokers"?? come on now brother death?? we aren't 14 and immature.. we DO get older.. living like you are 14 when you get to be in your 20s just isnt that cool.. on a side note though.. i had some excellent italian sausage with sauted onions and green peppers last night.. speaking of sausage..
  10. esau is cleaner than all of dfw/fbs hands down.. but who really gives a shit.. and as much as i hate that west coast cholo style and all that other shitstorm points and arrows cock mongering bullshit, i gotta give mad fuckin props to gray.. for some reason i just like seeing his shit.. oil son... sippin that oil.. word..
  11. jesus christ sekt.. that oral - esau wasnt even painted 3 hours ago..
  12. bbbboooooooorrrrrriiiinnnnnnnngggggg screw this.. lets see pictures of cambodia or something.
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