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  1. among by quake sorry to take so long, lol. i was doing my rain dancing...
  2. hey homes lets do an exchange! i write soy, lemme know if youre down. Quoted post [/b] okay.
  3. thanks dude for posting it, shoot didn't have enough time in class. but it's aite. hope you liked it. haha
  4. ION, lets exchange. lol. -quake.
  5. quake was in the game way before phony got into it. here's on of his shit he changed the "K" to a "Q" later on. really old flick. sorry the pic an't so great. Quoted post [/b] yeah, thanks dude. haha i used to even remember staying in halawa ditch for hours with no worries of cops with all rival, and sein. and no offense but i didn't even know this "phony" dude lived untill i got back on this 12 stuff. and no biting going on. and if i had time, id paint.
  6. okay, take it easy on me. havent done this in a while. haha finally picked up a pen and wanted to draw. -quake
  7. ^^^ jes getting a little wild there...
  8. ^^^dude... it doesn't matter about the time... i don't think it will impress anyone if you did it in 1 minute compared to half an hour... not just you, and im not doggin on yah just letting you know it don't matter about the time, it's the skill...
  9. alright you horny fags... bring it, show what you fags look at on the weekends. -now we can post pics of solid girls since we're on topic... haha
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