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  1. SpoonSports

    TM7-ROT..certified sprayngstas

    pretty tight shit go perve
  2. SpoonSports

    graffiti movies/graffiti clips

    long shots of shit i only wanted to see for a second, so i hit fast foward and the song sounded tighter and only saw the flix for a sec each. ;)
  3. SpoonSports


    well apply that wonderful skill and read the rules! :mad:
  4. SpoonSports

    Goal AIO - KD from Europe

    hate it. the charectors n bg's are super bad though........
  5. SpoonSports

    unfinished business 20 years!

    not feelin it either. just not my style. i like one spot on the whole post. is there any more to it? :o
  6. SpoonSports


    i caught a revok tag when i was in riverside like a billion/10+ years ago. someone went on to tell me that he is/was from riverside and he used to have mad ups there? :confused:
  7. SpoonSports


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: wait........... Marium? i dont get the joke. :confused:
  8. pretty fuckin gay. show some bombs...........! :mad:
  9. SpoonSports

    Magic's greatest secrets revealed

    holy shit i love the way this guy paints. wish i could see half of these flicks! "saving to hard drive"
  10. SpoonSports

    [-> STEEL ONE <-]

    i wonder how long those carts stayed together/in order?
  11. SpoonSports


    bump for nylon* anyone got anymore new recent shit?
  12. SpoonSports

    ky jelly

    started out dCenT then just went to shit. where are all these little red spiders in my house coming from :confused:
  13. SpoonSports

    Toronto-> like just above the US

    that HFB rooftop is sick. the flick above it is super bad 2.......... hell the first one 2. just keep posting.............. :D
  14. SpoonSports

    Montreal bombing thread

    love it, always loved the bombing over there. ill kill that town some day. :mad:
  15. SpoonSports


    thats fer sure. im curious to know exactly when he started writing.