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  1. jurne is hot, tre rocked it, too.
  2. my man vine, yukon, and lost! spoter, causr, engine, what a great post!
  3. smoke and dexter. i liked those ones.
  4. engine, geso and some others. thanks for posting.
  5. I hope that last post isn't true. Speks a G.
  6. Still hungry for more? There more where this came from in ALL NATION #3!! OUT NOW!! http://allnationmag.com
  7. ese bringing the 12oz heat since 2000!!
  8. nice vine piece. that hense is pretty slick, too.
  9. jeers isto and the cheeto's cat.
  10. stiksnstones

    rip riot

    What a tragic and untimely thing to happen. I painted with Riot several times. We had some fun, long nights staying out till 5:00 am hitting every layup in the valley. It's a shame that I never got a chance to see him again prior to his death. My condolences go to his family. RIP RIOT
  11. :confused: Am i feeding the flames? i hate city freight threads, then why am i posting you ask? Hmmmm... I guess cause this snip train is dope. Hopefully these dudes show some remorse.
  12. :( Yukk, another post dedicated to utah!?
  13. in order of appearance: soviet spek lost vows kero
  14. spoter, causer, and mpower, plus a lot of others, good post.
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