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  1. so has the sj snail bombed sf. because sf snail battled this other snail in sf but i have seen other snails that say muni on them. i guess that there are a lot of snails. is the sj snail kyt dtc or do they just kick it sometimes and just talk
  2. the greatest song ever is it aint by scarface. its a really great song
  3. me, im all about just grabbin the boom box and just crushin like never before! maybe jammin to some Ja. like maybe some holla or every thug needs a lady! this thread is sick. what a great idea!
  4. damn it looks like its jumping out at me. that shits crazy. but then again im heckza fade!
  5. i dont understand this thread. its pioctures of graffiti next to tracks, train tracks?
  6. what would juelz santana do? squalliii
  7. im a throwback fantatic air force addict hard-wood classic fitted cap to match it jeff hamilton jacket, nfl patches, austin martin with mink carpet im stuntastic i hit the mall tell'm i want this one, this one, and that one especially that black one throwback version of bo jackson yuck stay fresh to impress in the matching mitchell and ness strapped with pistol and vest underneath the 43, jerry west yuckmouth; thugged the fuck out
  8. i live in sf and when i was eight my dad brought me to rat fink reuinion somewhere in la. my dad was and is a huge fan of him and at the time i didnt really get it but i got a picture with him and it stight to look at now. this dude seriously did not give a fuck. he was fuckin nuts. props to whoever started this thread. post more pictures and such.
  9. the element of suprise- e-40 i was stunned. an e-40 double album? i am e-40
  10. whoa, thats a lot of spray paint in those pictures up there!
  11. this thread rules! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH HOOOH!
  12. only thing i like that ride ruff is eve and the restof all niggas who rdie ruff get these
  13. Re: Re: your a bonehead. you suck. lick my ass. suck my skrote. LICK MY ASS!!!! but really, everyone needs to post better pictures and lens needs to cpmplain about it more. he sucks and i hate him and onesecondpies little thing withthe colors and the quotes about him suck. thats funny. its ironic because they said you were ugly. duder, i heard twist was ugly also. haha ha aha ha show and prove licking my ass..
  14. that shit looks dope blood! keep up the hot sauce!
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