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  1. doesn't DH do a area08 thing and list the songs at the end?
  2. i'm sorry but this is fucked up. why are you asking these kinda questions? if you wanna paint a yard you scope it first and stuff. never get commuter wrtiers asking these kinda of questions.:rolleyes:
  3. the part just after the female driver sees hook and ner cru painting, it then goes onto a wholetrain. whats the title to that track with the wholetrain going passed? cheers.
  4. what if ur in a bait spot? at least with the old monty the lids are bare easy to get off.
  5. alot of siko reaches on silverlinks from certain northampton writers. ermmm thats the best ive spotted in a while.:o
  6. yeah fraid so dont think its coming back either. i say make a new one.
  7. 'you know you want to';)
  8. i'm sure painting dubs on the insides of commuter trains is more fun?
  9. mons from up north? i've only ever seem freights off him.
  10. from another forum (full of lu staff)... "I was informed today that several D stocks are now equipped with discreet CCTV cameras, with the aim of spreading them to the entire fleet. For security reasons, obviously I won't tell you which units have been fitted, or where the pinhole-type cameras are hidden, but this is a welcome addition in the fight against anti-social behavior and grafitti."
  11. we are suppose to get trams here aswell like 10 years ago lol. instead we end up with shitty gas buses.:crazy:
  12. i hear the tramway in notts is opening today/tomorrow.... good luck.;)
  13. awww most of the insides on the circle line trains are buffed
  14. innit... we need to see more of that:D
  15. http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/10105.jpg'> found this on upptown duno who flicked it.
  16. yeah this thread was booming once.
  17. why do we revert back to the fucking war? that has nothing to do with anything here so i don't see why you should bring it up.
  18. born in london and raised the yank way... learning to paint good old fr8 fucking eurgh trains.
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