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  1. You chumps and your light beer... Absinthe isnt just any alchoholic beverage, onesecondple. It's a hallucinagen... havent actually tried it myself... only a matter of time.
  2. Who cares. Just stay the fuck out of our parks and I could give a shit what you fools decide to ride around on. Heh heh...
  3. Eon

    E & A

    Eyedea and Abilities new album... sick sick sick. Thoughts? eyedeas? opinions? beef?
  4. Im guessing you'd have to be pretty tanked to just sit there and take a beating like that... the first kick was the best. We need a translator in this bitch...
  5. Cops can basically do whatever they want... what would stop them?
  6. Hard to say. When is he supposed to come back, according to the 7 day theory?
  7. I dont know, -I- wouldnt fuck with anyone holding a skateboard... or me, for that matter. Im not going to say the dude deserved what he got, but damn if he didnt get it anyways. Ill put it this way, if your gonna ask someone to, "fuck me up" (EPSECIALLY a skater) then you better be ready, fuck. Thats some funny ass shit. The dude that fucked him up gets my respect. (Becuase he -was- a fucking gorilla). p.s. Stereotypes are dope. (Im a skateboarder, im going to kill you)
  8. None, bitches! Becuase I dont get caught...
  9. You're damn skippy I always got my steel packed. Where I live its just Native American's (Indians... fucking political correctness) trying to act gangster, becuase they are basically the only non-white race in the city... Supposedly, we have gangs... crips, even... heh heh
  10. If I ever got around to wanting some Prisma's, id have to rack 'em...
  11. Eon

    Character Post

    Someone tell me how to resise a picture (in PM's preferably)... When I know, ill modify this post and upload a couple sketches...
  12. Eon


    Fuckin Ap@c... SO sick... I couldnt color anything on paper to save my nuts from ballcapitation...
  13. Dayamn... Ap@c and Adroit are SO nice! Makes me wanna post some of my own stuff... and at the same time, makes me wanna stop writing altogether... heh heh
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