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  1. skilz huh? i kno sumbody that used to write skilz, so u better quit fucker! haha just kidding that character up there is pretty nice
  2. no, i was there last nite after you did it, looked pretty nice man.
  3. sorry about the quality of the pics :(
  4. http://img8.photobucket.com/albums/v28/never3/never_sketch.jpg'> http://img8.photobucket.com/albums/v28/never3/sketched_never.jpg'> i've come to the conclusion that it is not my computer anymore, its pbase. now i just gotta figure out why its being gay about connecting with people on AIM lately
  5. i believe by art school graff he meant kids that go to art school and start graffiti and kind of like me they dont really bomb or anything. ya? i cant say i've been to art school and probly never will because i dont got that kind of money and neither do my parents. such a shame... for wutever it is that got u into graffiti it doesn't matter, wut matters is if u stick with it.
  6. well actually alot of people do that over the internet, its even sadder then when they do it in person. i tried to post sketches. my computer wont do it for sum reason, i always just get the red X of death.
  7. i actually think this is a pretty good discussion, i havent bothered to read anybodies reply's cuz i typically figure a buncha little kids will just try to slam on you for it. heres my take: graffiti is simply writing on somebody elses property. it can be artistic and it can be delivering a message. a graff artist is somebody who does graffiti and is recognized individually for his/her work. some are real artists and some have no artistic talent wutsoever. i get tired of seeing people that fucking suck at tagging putting shitty ass throw ups all over our lovely city of Atlanta. that is not art, it is vandalism. now if you can make it good it may be vandalism still but its more of a blessing to me, as long as you dont do it on sumbodies car or sumthin like that. and dont do it all around the legal yard because that gives us a bad name. i see too many writers out there that are just out for fame rather then self fulfillment. my take on illegal graffiti is a quote i read sumwhere but cant remember who said it: "i can go spray a dot on the side of my house today and its cool, its my art. tonight i can go paint the most beautiful peace i've ever done on the side of my neighbors house and its considered vandalism." anyways, i would say kids that dont tag letters or anything of that sort just doing characters or just putting abstract paintings up. most of the time i would classify it as graffiti art or aerosol art. when it gives off the vibe and when they are doing it just to do it. every writer leaves his signature with every piece he paints. and by signature i dont mean a mark out to the side of ur piece saying ur name.
  8. ur supposed to be all "your a fuckin toy! TOY!" and we are supposed to call each other names back and fourth like 2nd graders. thats wut most graffiti writers do isn't it? JOSH - i like that 3-D piece u are working on with that canvas, but im not so sure the pink goes well with it. i think it would look better maybe if you just put a shadow coming off of it, u kno wut i mean?
  9. lol, wut gave you the idea i was getting mad?
  10. http://image.pbase.com/u36/nevernever/large/24562465.sketchednever.jpg'> if anybody doesn't mind doin me a favor please go here: http://www.pbase.com/image/24562465 and post this flic up for me. my computer is fuckin gay about posting pics and i dont understand why
  11. thats very nice, its a canvas? wut are you using to paint it with? acrylic?
  12. nobody ever answered my question. besides exacto knives, wut do you use to make stencils?
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