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Gary Ridgway

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  1. Nigga Please Come on, dude knows a nigga when he has played the trumpet in the louisiana school system. Maybe he met one in Colorado... Suburban meth heads know a nigga when they see one. :D
  2. Your right, my bad, I forgot they are The Butt Kings TBK
  3. I forgot to add pier and biter to the list of graff girls in the norfwest, at least for another week... Too bad they don't let pores give them some lessens on how to diss shit, those lines are horrible.
  4. Thanks for the picks, I know all about the hours in a day bit. Workin man's blues.:krunk:
  5. Just take your regular film to wal-mart and get your flicks on a CD for an extra 3 dollars.
  6. You mean that those lines through those couple of pieces in the CD were done by somebody who came from out of town? I thought some kids got a hold of some paint over the holiday. You have got to be kidding, why did they come to Seattle to put some lines through shit? Why not put some lines through shit in there own town? So confused, putting lines up through stuff does not earn respect in anyones eyes that I know. This bibby dude acts like some kind of king, if those lines are what he has to show for his work... I gotta say he must be the butt king or something. :confused:
  7. Access Denied (Usage Limit) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The owner of this file has exceeded their daily usage limit.
  8. Is there a story behind this one?
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