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  1. RuzE


    nice i like all the work they did in cleveland!
  2. RuzE

    i need some zzz

    who do you want to know the age of?
  3. RuzE


    holly crap the picture of the girl at the very top looks exsactly like me! thats weird who is she?
  4. RuzE

    fuck hole

    wow keep working at it dude!
  5. RuzE

    i need some zzz

    hey toaztlove thanks for your nice advice! your very sweet, and you didnt give me any smart ass remarks as those others did! thank you!!
  6. RuzE

    i need some zzz

    yea this was bout meh but i aint trippin tho. i was just wonderin if ne 1 had any good advice but alls i got out of it is smart remarks so thanks any ways!!
  7. RuzE

    i need some zzz

    can eny 1 show me some new ways to do some z thank you ....
  8. RuzE

    fuck hole

    what the hell is that shiat?
  9. this is probibly the best type of graff i ever seen i love this stuff!!:idea:
  10. RuzE

    going digital

    i like the work you did its dope!!:D
  11. hey i will post some of my stuff as soon as i take a pic of it. (i hope its soon then when i do i want you guys to tell me what ya think)!:smiles:
  12. i just wanted to find out if there is any girls in the north west that graffs and hoping that i am not the only one! if soo holla back
  13. RuzE

    Graff Girls

    i havent seen much of any girls who are wrighters. i am glad i aint the only one! its good to see girls that love graff like i do!
  14. tight COLOR=deeppink]i like your stuff its phat![/color]
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