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  1. Oh no doubt. Perth pumped out many a good writer. But the idiot above us who wrote 'if your house didn't get raided blah blah blah..." is a prime example of where the Perth 'scene' is at now... comical lol. The days have gone when you'd ride the train or drive along the highway and double look and go "oh shit" Peace B
  2. If you believe that was really him, then you've been pranked!
  3. worst city in the world with some of the shittest graff in the world. bunch of junkies mixed with a bunch of cheeky little shit heads!
  4. bump that roes and cover joint
  5. haha no shit! i kept trying to save some pics last night, and was like why is this shit not saving... "ohhhhh spaceball.gif.... great"
  6. Bump that cover!!! Belly, PM me your addy, your inbox is full! I got a cd to post back to you!
  7. Get the fuck out of this thread man! You a toy ass motherfucker!!! SHUT UP
  8. blame be making a come back in a few months..... don't tell him i said that though... he doesn't know yet. hahahaha
  9. I couldn't give two fucks dun! This thread is already fucked, with BS like "You so toy" "beat downs coming" BS! Who cares BORF 2dk hoa
  10. RedEmpress


    That took a minute of my life, I want that minute back mother fucker!
  11. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=58058828
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