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DJ Tanner

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  1. DJ Tanner

    Im making a CD for a girl, any suggestions??

    put only songs that talk about nailing the female listener
  2. DJ Tanner

    beanie mac

    my bad. but it definitely doesnt sample epmd
  3. DJ Tanner

    beanie mac

    have you heard this new sigel track, i think it's called "i gotta have it" but it doesnt sample epmd that i can tell. shit is hot. i just thought you should all know and tell me where to get it
  4. DJ Tanner

    online record shopping?

    can anyone recomend a good spot to get hip-hop/rap vinyls online? not much selection at the local watering hole. thanks
  5. DJ Tanner

    So I Saw Britney Spears last night....

    what is an "alcolyte"? is it an acolyte of alcohol?
  6. DJ Tanner

    Need Help Pimpin' a Hoe

    If a pimp is what you wanna be, you're gonna have to learn pimpology, pimpology, a pimp's profession, never be affected by the great depression so if you want to be giant sized come to my school and get pimpmatized. In your school what do they teach? english math and history. Pimpin game you can learn and if you do you will earn a pimp diploma just for you for learnin what youre taught when you come to school lesson number one, you should know, NEVER LOVE A BITCH, OR A HOE! lesson two tells you to do only one thing: ACT COOL! lesson three, breakin a bitch if she's poor or if she's rich, if your game is off the heart it shouldn't take long to break the broad. lesson fo' keep ya hoe, it's the most important thing to know cuz i pimp or die, beeitch, im like the mack, ridin round oakland ina cadillac. but on the other hand if ya just can pimp, and the hoes keep treating you like a simp, i dont know what to say about you boys, you better go to the store and buy some toys... cuz you can't play this game. The Infamous Too $hort
  7. DJ Tanner

    buy camron's pink range rover

    "bitches say im tacky, daddy, range look like laffy taffy (that's pink)" Killah cam i thought it said 18 million at first
  8. DJ Tanner

    Dub Music?

    Any fans of it? can someone recommend any standard albums? especially people in boston area who listen to WERS 88.9 on friday between 5 and 8pm. i never seem to catch the dj say the names Thanks
  9. DJ Tanner

    NFL 2003 Superthread

    Looks like somebody forgot to remind the Invicible New England Patriots. I think Manning is a great player, but he seems to have let the success get to his head. Romeo Crennel force fed him his words "if we lose it won't be because i got confused." And I hate to say it, but the Patriots will be strong favorites (knock on wood) against either the eagles or panthers. The Homeland Defense seems impenetrable right now. Whether they win or not is up to the players now, but Bill Bellichick is very clearly the best coach in the NFL right now. Word, I said what the fuck i had to say, y'all can continue on. All my real niggas get money, frontin niggas get the seats. Go Pats.
  10. DJ Tanner

    ipod appreciation thread

    by my calculations i could now listen to my ipod for 12 days without hearing the same song twice... and i still have 12 g left to fill. I use the case because i put it in my pocket with some change the first day and the screen got a couple of little scratches in it. My only complaint is battery life; i feel like im not getting the requisite 8 hrs, more like 6 maybe, but whatevs, got the car charger and shit.
  11. DJ Tanner

    who here is bilingual?

    well, no one speaks it. i read it fluently (is that the word?) though. my high school was mad rigorous
  12. DJ Tanner

    The Micranots (looking for a cd)

    i hate to say this, but the micranots are micranot hot, y'i mean?
  13. DJ Tanner

    who here is bilingual?

    latin, ancient greek, french, and taking german and for the portuguash- tajabrinkarconufoguemeovajkaymar. not spelled correctly
  14. DJ Tanner


    So the other day, my girlfriend and I had a discussion about commitment. She thinks if we're going to be involved, we should be more commited. I disagree. So, I go to work and at my mid-morning mcdonalds break it hits me while I'm eating a bacon egg sandwhich: the chicken was involved, but that pig was commited. We are now in an unexclusive relationship. Discuss
  15. DJ Tanner

    New Hampshire (yes we paint here)....

    word, i know that yard. yo, nice work, those last ones are hot. yo, hit the email if you want to paint some day. i'll send some flciks and more info or whatever. sweenyagonistes@yahoo.com