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  1. Gaysic primarily, and any one on his buddylist.
  2. Re: Re: Re: Re: those are coool! Im sorry train horns i really hate to pull your card but i seen your graffiti and will you please refrain from saying the word toy...Thanks and bye. ps...i suck, but you realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly suck.
  3. Re: Re: five point palm exploding heart technique naw your absolutely right LORDS crew was WAY after TSL.... (hence my sarcastic tone as i grab my nutts and hit a blunt) TOYS FEAR LORDS is deffinantly on some new school shit....im gonna have to step away from the computer.... to many cats sounding like bitches in a bathroom....talk talk gossip gossip..... hey but dont trip if it wasnt for people like me...you would probally still thing this internet thing is tighttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! so hate my screen name, it doesnt not affect how much i paint, how many bitches i pull...how much panties i collect, how many daughters swallow my nutt...how many heads i crack...how man liqs i pull...you get the point...
  4. Ok first off ill burn your middle age toy ass, for 2 i never said i was a cop ever...for 3 dont knock anyones lifestyle for putting graffiti above other things, regardless of if a cat at subway is making sandwiches they get off work and kill it..when there graffiti rolls by you have no idea of there work ethics. So by calling a cat out on what he does plays no part in how much of a writer he is...But unlike you i didnt grow up a little sucker, I still converse with the people in my hood who live a lifestyle you cant even fathom, Im not saying this to make you shook, because thats unecessary, but dont quote it as a scenester mentality, when you have no idea of how shit really is, and that gos to all you other cats getting in on the subject. but when cats dip out and kill it from state to state and have to end up working dead end jobs, or hustling to make ends meet...try boasting some shit like that to there face fool...do you honestly think any of that plays a part when shit really gos down...you little bitch made toy...I also believe people have to adjust and slow there role at times, but there will always be the little homies who are just as down, and roothless...and if your gonna be that much of a square paint a fucken canvas...bring back the boxcutters and the switch blades...because niggas still keepen it gangster....you punk ass suit wearing fag.... any if you really want to squash this...email me and ill kick you some tags, throwups and outlines, and a few pieces just so you can paint with a lil more flavor bitch.
  5. Re: Re: those are coool! .................. Actually anything you say or do wont "appease me", And when i refer to ETC toys, its basically the select few of you who drive north on I-5 because you get no love in this city. So dont go trying to get things twisted amongst your graffiti peers...As far as me saying my name, I dont feel I have to. You seem to be on the right track, but luckily i grew up in a era where the internet and talking on message board was more incriminating than tight. I mean this is your world. This is the extent of your love for the game obviously, you paint for the soul purpose it will resurface on the internet. Your not smart, and this whole thread is the biggest hear say evidence towards writers, because these opinions are not of police officers but actuall conversations shared throughout writers. So the credibility in what a writer could say only builds the knowledge for a cop to be an "expert" in court. Through pages of talk and yap it only sets up the downfall for others.... So Who you are, who your people are, and how you jock yourself is ridiculous. One person says a comment and you instantly have whole cars posted? what about if that was a cop you idiot, and you dont hide your idenity well with that gay ass log in name....none the less this is the last youll hear from me on the subject, its just funny how you brag about typing these gay comments from your work, you dont know about the mother fuckers on the rack and paint lifestyle and the daily hustles to make it through the day, your a joke....well i guess thats what seperates us from you! ps.,... your a graphic desighn reject....
  6. those are coool! whoa tight ETC was that inspired by fonts on micro soft word? it sure doesnt look like graffiti, but than again i wouldnt expect to see any original styles from the everette toy crew chapter of a cananada crew. you should look into pepsi logos aswell, but i think the coca cola one is cutting that, or maybe even the safe way font.....every done a piece that was truly invented by you? anyways im sure those little bnhoppers will travel far hahahahha faggot....wouldnt it look nicer with fat cap throwups over it that say "i fucked your mom".....well i dont blame you but on the real go to the library there is over 10000 font books suited for you to paint....have a blast im glad i can shed some knowledge on a toy ass bitch.!
  7. Re: for the young and old alike Peep with game its like this, all those trains are wack ass fuck, and i gurantee if im in a spot where i see some of that faggot ass pars shit, hotel shit, daner shit....it will be painted over...Your all fake ass bitches trying to post your shit because no one else in this fucken world acknowledges it....i want to take a steal bat to all your fucken heads, just because your some buster ass marks doesnt mean you got to write to kick it....and other thing seattle is way to small to where you need the internet to see whos doing shit, survive the buff and still be up and cats will know walking down the street....dont go to extreme measures to seek aproval....dont paint little gay faces, and dont write words like daner or hotel alright peace..... and if anyone thinks im being hostile eat a dick..... who heard of the EVERETTE TOY CREW?
  8. This is all cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep faame motha fuckas taken pics of there own shit jocken there own dick. Let people walk the streets and see who the fucks up...instead of posting shit the city already got to so you can burn on the internet...if thats the case go paint your fucken bedroom......be all yo uwant to be but grafffiti doesnt make you tough...so if you come at motha fuckers sideways and ego trippen dont be suprised when midsentence some one bust your jaw...... this isnt a art review, this isnt all fun and games...do yours and deal with it, its to the point where theres a select few writers i would fucken even want to kick it with...or even say are cool cats....too many TOYS thinken there the shit make lil clones who ride there jock.....in the end kids will get there ass beat...... remember graaffiti was around before you registered your screen name.... its only towards your disivantage to blow your self up and create a image to where your a sucka....what ever happened to wondering who did that, how they did that....and if you mean the person and there cool its solid....Now its about I DID THAT, AND THAT AND THAT AND THAT....and heres my email RIDE MY DICK!...DELETE THIS WHOLE THREAD! we shouldnt have to make ron hardens flick book for him.... do the shit, or dont...and if you do do it keeeep it on the hush hush.... what seems obvious, is so far fetched to the modern day toys of america. the games changed... :lick: :lick: :lick: Insert stamp here.
  9. the closest we have is burger king....we have alot of toy kings...there a breed of there own...they suck they kill freeways and there wack fills is a plague, and they walk around in graffiti t shirts and a platnium crown....only in seattle...only in seattle..........
  10. Put in work for 15 years straight, be equally talented with pieces throwups and handstyles..and be inovative in some way shape or form to graffiti as a whole, and you still walk around like the average joe... your Up in multiple cities, and still banging freights..even if locked up or put away for years and you come out still rocken it....some one who passes away and there shit still runs for another 10 years..some one who has enough knowledge to pass it down with out sounding cocky. some one who can look back at all the shit theve done and instead of sucking the fame straight to there dome piece, they rejoyce in there own personal satisfaction holding no regrets....thats some one i could call a king... R.I.P. KING PlusOne.. R.I.P KING NACE the list gos on, but what im trying to get at is I think alot of people have the misconception of some one being "all city" as opposed to being a "king".... Thats like a base ball player having a good year, but can he honestly say hes up there with Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth or all the other kings of baseball? Especially in Seattle. I love the city, I apreciate people out doing theres....But if its some bullshit and your boasting about it, and your riding your own nutts....Crowning yourself a king i suggest you quit writting and just walk through LA Hoods In a klans outfit...because the games better with out you! oh and ps...... every has there 5 minutes in seattle....so suck it up!!!! hahahaha peace to all who actually try to come up...Instead of the ones who are content with one form of graffiti there gonna take the grave. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ;) :yum:
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