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  1. att: eififofum! you are uncontactable, you annoying prick!
  2. bloke

    post a joke

    your gonna kill me if this is personal what did the deaf, dumb and blind kid get for xmas? CANCER!
  3. AVIATION FUEL!!!! 1 bottle of scotch... 1 bottle of creme de menthe.... 1 bottle of cherry brandy.... equals no memories..
  4. bloke

    Recommend a song

    AUSSIE HIP HOP!!! HILLTOP HOODS!!!! THE SENTINEL!!!!! ANY AUSSIE WOULD AGREE!!!!! :king: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king:
  5. why dont u go and rock some peeess bloke??
  6. i had brews with michael franti & crew after they played a gig at my work and stole his mates word sf hitachi cap, but they stole a $2000 worth of shit out of an office so i gues they came out on top hahahha
  8. brutal...brutal...brutal...BRUTAL FUKN CAPPING!!!!!!! such effort and time put in to this one...... did anyone die as a result? there is some fierce anger envolved... DEAD ON ARRIVAL!!!!!!!!!
  9. wearing... -bloke t-shirt -bloke shorts -bloke boxers -bloke socks -bloke shoes -bloke shlong all supplied by bloke.com.au
  10. you got any panel flix??? what about some tasty walls by wei2, jiesk,komps,kudes,bleak,seiko or any of them blokes?? good to see a new sydney site.........bloke......
  11. speed and acid was the best..... charging around on sunflowers in lala land is very exciting. you charge in space full throttle with no control of your destination.......foreign pills were good like doves from the UK and shit but nothing beats an uncontrolable destination at full speed!!!!!!! word eif.... Dead On Arrival!!!!!!!!!!:lick: :lick: :lick: :lick: :lick:
  12. bloke

    On my travels

    those truck dusties fukn rock!!!!!! anyone seen Banos panels runnin lately?? that dude fukn kills it, one of the crazyest stylz around the world!!!! Dead On Arrival...............
  13. Revok billy rocks!!!!!!! LA fukn rocks!!!!!!!! see you blokes soon!!!!! Dead On Arrival!!!!!!!!
  14. why isnt the car trashed!!!!!!!!!! Dead On Arrival!!!!!!!
  15. also write to have fun....annoy people you dont like.....hit spots out of close reach and most of all show up your opponents by killing everything!!!!!!!
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