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  1. It's funny that everyone here has stated their opinion of WHAT runs the world, but not WHO. So I'll do the same...


    I don't think it comes down to people so much as a collective process that favors continuity and privilege. That's why we have things like corporations, dynasties and royalty.


    royalty do not run shit except for as far as their money takes them. (and a handful of backwater countries that don't matter a great deal)

  2. Q. Who controls the world?


    A. A handful of national governments, with the overwhelming ammount of power lying with the government of the United States. The democratic governments in this group are heavily influenced by lobbying groups, the most powerful of which are the wealthiest (financial and trade lobbies that are a broad conglomeration of big business interests). These wealthy elites also influence national governments through ownership of the media (While mainstream media is not a unified political entity it broadly supports liberal free market ideology). The non-democratic national governments are basically state-capitalist entities and cut out the middle man, with economic interests and state interests being one and the same.

  3. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    Wow I'm stunned this disabled guy's sister is letting a shitbag such as yourself into her family frateraper. You seem like you would have a borderline mentally handicapped IQ yourself so I wouldn't throw stones in a glass house champ.

  4. everybody has them shits. so share them. about any and everything. dont be shy.


    i'll go first:


    -aliens dropped humans off on earth.


    -greed will cause the US government to self-destruct and we'll all be speaking chinese around this bitch in the next 5 or so years.



    -al queda(or however you spell that shit) didnt have shit to do with 9/11.


    -college is the biggest scam of all time.


    -every soul gets 2 lives. and if you were born into a really shitty one your next one will be tight. and visa versa. because i dont understand how a baby or little kid can be robbed of life and the universe doesnt react and reward that soul.


    -there is a known cure for every disease but they will never be available because of population control.




    i will have more once i get blazzed.


  5. I know that true Marxists (this excludes the Stalinist American Communist Party, who have totally degenerated into being basically the far left wing of the Democratic party - another discussion altogether) would view Obama and McCain as being two heads of the same coin, and wouldn't support either one.


    Your point about Marx and his income is pretty much moot, as Marx died in poverty in England. Moore is simply a left wing democrat who wants a nicer and gentler capitalism.


    Also to angelofdeath: the whole owning of "private property" thing doesn't refer to the number of TVs someone has, or their Cadillac, its a reference to the means of production (ie factories, mines, etc..)


    SO what if he died in poverty? He was funded throughout his early life by his aristocratic wife's family and in later life through Friedrich Engels' family business. THe point is you don't have to give away all of your money to be an intellectual marxist. People aren't generally stupid enough to think that redistributing their own income means anything beyond charity while the capitalist system still exists. And if you use your money to finance your own research and public activity as Marx, Engels, and Moore all do, then it is more effective in working towards the ultimate goal of marxist revolution than if you just gave it away.

  6. Give me a break how about instead of posting facts about his income you look at the arguments he makes. Did Karl Marx collectivize all of his personal income? No. Does that mean he isn't a Marxist?

    Michael Moore's arguments are underpinned by core Marxist political ideas. Class struggle is an underlying theme in ALL of Moore's books and movies that I have seen, he views capitalism as the elite few exploiting the masses for financial gain. He argues that the international system consists of rich core countries exploiting poor peripheral countries (Marxist IR theory).


    And Qawee you really think Marxists wouldn't prefer Obama to McCain and actively support one candidate over the other? a commitment to Marxist principles does not preclude one from also being pragmatic.

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  7. his point at the very start about labelling one side in the spanish civil war is bullshit. Anyone who has any knowledge of the spanish civil war knows the diversity of opposition to franco. And for those that don't they are far more often referred to as 'republicans' as a general grouping than 'reds'. At the same time those that partook in the military coup against the republican government are broadly labelled as 'fascists' when this is not necessarily true.


    -Also Communist states do not distinguish between different types of capitalism. Read media from communist countries and show me how often they refer to the 'capitalist' world and how often they distinguish between democratic capitalism, capitalist countries with social welfare states etc. etc.


    Another point is that capitalism is an economic system, which is most commonly coupled with a social philosophy of liberalism, and a political system of democracy. Marxism is a philosophy that encompasses economic, social, and political spheres. So it is a lot easier and more meaningful to apply the single label 'communist' than 'capitalist'



    also that guy is a douchebag

  8. How ridiculous.


    Titling someone as a communist is effectively a short cut to communicate a belief in economic collectivism, which is generally regarded as the most important primary distinction by comparison to a capitalist system. For the sake of general conversation, further distinctions are not necessary. In contrast, the media doesn't address presidential candidates as the capitalist Palin, for example, because they are all debateably capitalists to to some extent. No one addresses me as 'that shoe-wearing bastard' because it is ubiquitous that people wear shoes. It is not necessary to make this distinction. That people do not give full credit to the specific communistic intellectual trend is no conspiracy, it is a reflection of societies disinterest in specifics. A general reference to the notion will suffice.


    On another note, why do all these people have to stare, deadpan, into the web-cam to record their video? It's very off putting. Put a picture up or something.


    Yup, if we are talking about Russia in the 20s i'm sure we would go in to great detail about the distinctions between different types of communism but in the context it is mostly discussed in this is not necessary.


    On a side not homage to catalonia is great. I advise you also read 'looking back on the spanish civil war' I was stunned at the ammount of influence Orwell's experience in Spain had on the themes he addresses in 1984.

  9. Alright what do you think about his more "serious" songs?






    weird the track over one mic actually sounds good the other ones are alright too i don;t get why the 4 or so of his tracks i listened to originally all have the same beat and sound fucking terrible. Age of information is some good shit it's fucking really odd that he has that track and then a bunch of other wack childish shit.

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