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  1. Re: State of the Universe Address Anthing else...yes. Saddam's regime killed hundreds of thousands of people outside of that affair: he gassed his own people; cut off their tongues; his sons raped and tortured women and then fed them to lions. Are you saying that his regime was fair and just, and simply a victim of US imperialism? Good perspective/p.o.v. about British colonization in regards to the Kuwait scenario. However, Saddam lighting the oil fields on fire is the epitimy of spite, immaturity, selfishness, and recklessness. I do not think such an action could ever be justified. Shelf life or no shelf life...biological weapons are intimidating, but nonetheless, an interesting factor you introduced that I have not heard before as I am not an expert in the area of chemicals. Iraq is really not as unstable as popular opinion suggests. Al Sadr and his clan make up 2,000 out of the total Iraqi population of over 25 million, and he is paying them for their services. Of course, the media will flock to concentrate on only the negative aspects of the war. One illustration of the media's obvious objective is my living in Florida and having experienced hurricanes. They will show footage of the one corner store that is in shambles for days at a time, but neglect to show the rest of the state, or areas down the street from the ruined corner store for that matter, that have minimal damage. I am not saying that Iraq is a tourist attraction by any means, about 1,000 Americans have died, but I am saying that failing to take into account media ambitions is a slippery slope. To say it all about oil, and only about oil, is asonine and painfully limiting in greater scope.
  2. Bush's perspective for going into Iraq was entirely rational. Not agreeing with someone does not mean that their counter argument is not rational. For one, the most effective tool in combatting terrorism is to bring the war on the offensive, which is exactly what he has done. At the time, everyone, and I mean everyone, thought he had WMD's. What is conveniently left out in typical liberal jargon is the fact that Saddam has used WMD"s on his own people and US forces during Desert Storm, plans of his to purchase WMD's have since been unveiled, occupying forces have found the means and capability to make WMD"s, etc., etc. - His intentions are what is most important! In addition, why Iraq and not Saudi Arabia? Fair question...one answer obviously rests in the oil interests and established business relationships as you mentioned, but also in the remedial location of Iraq. With Iraq as our ally, we will be able to see certain "going ons" in the Arab world that we have been unable to see until this point. Saddam is not only despised by his own people and the Western world, but also by the neighboring Middle Eastern nations, including Saudi Arabia. Lastly, but certainly not least, by our doing this, we are liberating over a million oppressed people living under Saddam's vicious regime. Collaboratively, these are quite a few reasons suggesting that this was a good decision. At this point, a lesson John Kerry apparently had not learned from his serving in Vietnam, is the fact that the only way we can lose this war is by losing political support at home. After World War II, it took the US 7 years to democratize Japan when it anticipated taking only two. In my opinion, this situation is similar to the Japan Occupation as then, too, we received little help from the rest of the world (Russia, China, Germany, Italy then preoccupied with communism and fascism), and there existed a similar degree of resistence to the Occupation. Since, however, Japan has evolved to have a flourishing economy and a functioning democracy. Suppose we did not go into Iraq, what could we have done but wait...and wait for what, another attack? War is nothing pleasurable so the concept is difficult to sell, but war is an inevitable, necessary occurance. Patience is key. I guess I get most upset with political ambitions that attempt to tear down the commander-in-chief of our military during a time of war, as opposed to simply not voting for him but supporting his decisions in the meantime. That is pussy shit! Where is the patriotism? Putting partisan loyalties aside for one moment, do you really think that Bush is an evil individual who does not have the best intentions in helping the US and the world? Bringing America into a war that would not be beneficial in any aspect would be political suicide. Just like all politicians, his number one incentive is to get reelected, although he has remained visibly unshaken by staggers in public opinion polls. And as far as the 9/11 report, my having read a summary instead of the book was sufficient for the statement I made, which was as general as it gets. An example that illustrates my point is the Fahrenheight 9/11 film. I had read several articles about the film from both perspectives, but in discussions with opposition was said to not know what I was talking about because I had not seen it...so, I went and saw the film and to my discovery I learned nothing I didn't already know. And about intelligent people disliking Bush, and untelligent people liking him is really silly. Reagan used to be a Democrat, but during his campaign to the White House said that he was wrong about a lot of things in his youth.
  3. Re: Re: Re: Re: JOHN KERRY IS A FLAMING PUSSY I'm going to keep it real and talk the way I talk. You claim that there isn't a war on terror, yet you said that you are scared of terrorism. That doesn't even make sense. 9/11 happened a few months after Bush got into office, so where was Clinton the 8 years before since 9/11 had been plotted since 96'? He himself admitted he paid them too little mind in retrospect, as did the 9/11 commission.
  4. Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: JOHN KERRY IS A FLAMING PUSSY Fo sho...wise!
  5. Look, show me an exerpt in the 9/11 report that discusses a convoluted relationship between Bush and Osama Bin Ladin, and then you can criticize my reference to the book (Your right, I have not read it, but I have read its summary). Just like most people in here, I am not a politician, so I couldn't care less about party agendas. What I want is facts, and Fahrenheight 9/11 was as bad as a program televised on Al Jezeera. By the way, Israel does not produce terrorists. Israel loves the US - we ensure their survival over there. Look up the Bin Ladin Family and their present affiliation with Osama, and you'll see that he is not embraced by them. The rest of your arguments are valid and good ones, so I have no problem with them-although I disagree with most. I was not saying that I necessarily agree with the war either, but I can see Bush's perspective as rational, where most people who oppose him won't give him that. If Bush walked on water, you would say he can't swim.
  6. Re: Re: Re: Re: JOHN KERRY IS A FLAMING PUSSY Extreme anything is never good. I am a moderate, but when forced to pick after having weighed everything out, I usually lean more to the right. However, I am always ready to be pursuaded be either side. We are not "attacking" Iraq though as you called it. We are attacking the radical baathists, Saddam and his family, and terrorists. Our intention as a country in going to Iraq is not to go over there and kill innocent civilians. That is of course a casuality of democratizing any nation, especially one that has been in disarray from years of persecution, but in reality (whether you agree with entering Iraq or not) we are liberating oppressed peoples from an evil regime. That is not wrong, and some might say it is good!
  7. Re: Re: JOHN KERRY IS A FLAMING PUSSY 3,000 innocent people died in 9/11...3,000.
  8. John Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz, who is the heir to the "Heinz" ketchup family fortune estimated over $1 billion. That is fact, just browse the web if you feel inclined. Saudi oil interest has been an established relationship well before the Bush administration. No one can deny that oil, a resource the US needs, is a factor. I mean, we have to get it from somewhere...And that is why it shouldn't be in the hands of a maniac like Saddam among others who will light it on fire when he feels like throwing a temper tantrum, and by doing so says, "Fuck the world!" The Bin Ladin Family is HUGE, and Osama is a family outcast (This is why he resides in Afghanistan and not Saudi Arabia with his family). To say that Bush has a convoluted relationship with Bin Ladin is absurd, and there is no evidence to back that up other than a fictional documentary created to get Bush out of office. The 9/11 Commission discredited all of those allegations several weeks ago when it released its final report. I am not saying that Republicans don't attempt to do some brainwashing themselves, they absolutely do! I was just saying that people need to recognize it on both sides so they can make an informed decision. Tax breaks for the wealthy are not substantial, but provide room for them to make "moves" and take risks, and when they are successful in these attempts, thousands upon thousands of jobs are created because their presence is felt. As of right now, depending on what state you live in, someone making $200,000 a year will be taxed 48% of that. These tax cuts make it so they are taxed like 38-39%. I don't think persecuting those who have worked hard for their money is a solution, that's all. I am not rich, but if I were, I would rather give my money to causes that I see as worthy rather than having the government give it to social programs that do not work, have not worked, and which I am against.
  9. Re: Re: JOHN KERRY IS A FLAMING PUSSY I guess you have it figured all out, huh? If I were you, I would read more, watch the news, all of the above. First of all, Bush did not go into Iraq for no reason...Saddam has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people; Saddam instilled an vicious anti-American semitism within his country; Saddam had not cooperated with UN sanctions for years; US, British, and Russian intelligence strongly suggested that Saddam had WMD's; Saddam used biological weapons during Desert Storm, Saddam set the world's natural resources (oil fields) on fire in 1992...And you don't think that he would provide terrorists with weapons if he could detach his name from it? Give me a break... You should think about people other than yourself. He liberated well over a million people in a worse predicament than anyone from the hood. That is commendable. Bush comes from a wealthy family, but Kerry is even more wealthy. I seriously doubt he can relate to anyone in the "hood", but he will happily take their votes because no group of people have been more loyal to the Democratic Party than the blacks, but why? Look, I am not saying that Republicans strive to help minorities, but the programs implemented by the Democratic Party over the past 30 years have perpetuated innercity problems more than they have helped. And there have been a number of Republicans that have helped, in particular, blacks, just look at Bob Dole's record. No Senator from either party has done more for the blacks than him, and he doesn't even get their votes. I just think that blacks, innercity residents, whoever. should look at both candidates rather than letting Democrats brainwash them.
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