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  1. Re: State of the Universe Address Anthing else...yes. Saddam's regime killed hundreds of thousands of people outside of that affair: he gassed his own people; cut off their tongues; his sons raped and tortured women and then fed them to lions. Are you saying that his regime was fair and just, and simply a victim of US imperialism? Good perspective/p.o.v. about British colonization in regards to the Kuwait scenario. However, Saddam lighting the oil fields on fire is the epitimy of spite, immaturity, selfishness, and recklessness. I do not think such an action could ever be
  2. Bush's perspective for going into Iraq was entirely rational. Not agreeing with someone does not mean that their counter argument is not rational. For one, the most effective tool in combatting terrorism is to bring the war on the offensive, which is exactly what he has done. At the time, everyone, and I mean everyone, thought he had WMD's. What is conveniently left out in typical liberal jargon is the fact that Saddam has used WMD"s on his own people and US forces during Desert Storm, plans of his to purchase WMD's have since been unveiled, occupying forces have found the means and capabi
  3. Re: Re: Re: Re: JOHN KERRY IS A FLAMING PUSSY I'm going to keep it real and talk the way I talk. You claim that there isn't a war on terror, yet you said that you are scared of terrorism. That doesn't even make sense. 9/11 happened a few months after Bush got into office, so where was Clinton the 8 years before since 9/11 had been plotted since 96'? He himself admitted he paid them too little mind in retrospect, as did the 9/11 commission.
  4. Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: JOHN KERRY IS A FLAMING PUSSY Fo sho...wise!
  5. Look, show me an exerpt in the 9/11 report that discusses a convoluted relationship between Bush and Osama Bin Ladin, and then you can criticize my reference to the book (Your right, I have not read it, but I have read its summary). Just like most people in here, I am not a politician, so I couldn't care less about party agendas. What I want is facts, and Fahrenheight 9/11 was as bad as a program televised on Al Jezeera. By the way, Israel does not produce terrorists. Israel loves the US - we ensure their survival over there. Look up the Bin Ladin Family and their present affiliatio
  6. Re: Re: Re: Re: JOHN KERRY IS A FLAMING PUSSY Extreme anything is never good. I am a moderate, but when forced to pick after having weighed everything out, I usually lean more to the right. However, I am always ready to be pursuaded be either side. We are not "attacking" Iraq though as you called it. We are attacking the radical baathists, Saddam and his family, and terrorists. Our intention as a country in going to Iraq is not to go over there and kill innocent civilians. That is of course a casuality of democratizing any nation, especially one that has been in disarray fro
  7. Re: Re: JOHN KERRY IS A FLAMING PUSSY 3,000 innocent people died in 9/11...3,000.
  8. John Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz, who is the heir to the "Heinz" ketchup family fortune estimated over $1 billion. That is fact, just browse the web if you feel inclined. Saudi oil interest has been an established relationship well before the Bush administration. No one can deny that oil, a resource the US needs, is a factor. I mean, we have to get it from somewhere...And that is why it shouldn't be in the hands of a maniac like Saddam among others who will light it on fire when he feels like throwing a temper tantrum, and by doing so says, "Fuck the world!" The Bin Ladin Famil
  9. Re: Re: JOHN KERRY IS A FLAMING PUSSY I guess you have it figured all out, huh? If I were you, I would read more, watch the news, all of the above. First of all, Bush did not go into Iraq for no reason...Saddam has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people; Saddam instilled an vicious anti-American semitism within his country; Saddam had not cooperated with UN sanctions for years; US, British, and Russian intelligence strongly suggested that Saddam had WMD's; Saddam used biological weapons during Desert Storm, Saddam set the world's natural resources (oil fields) on fire in
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