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  1. coldest

    i have no life

    glue mazer from 2001~ what what
  3. YO IRON HEAD, GET AT ME FOR A MIN, wensr1@hotmail.com
  4. gh wholecar ;) faded to fuck, sireal, size, panik, buck
  5. coldest

    F U C K OFF!

    yo havek email me, wensr1@hotmail.com
  6. coldest

    new to this.

    sighto CRASH .. IRON G'S
  7. coldest

    new to this.

    sighto, CRASH.. iron g's
  8. that glue is vibrant .. looks like it belongs on killa kam's chain!!
  9. i heard theres a dope GUTS from ontario .. he does burners
  10. coldest

    Spotted 83

    size.stain BN flat 01 size frisco box equis.tyle GVSR flat kt kwest blue boston and maine porn 'im a pimp' some grey box globe floater new atak ATSF box 'hella stress' stain BNSF you got flixx of that globe?
  11. feeling that revise.. smak!
  12. Re: Re: yoyoyo wensr1@hotmail.com
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