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Big Italy

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  1. Flavicon for both without a doubt!
  2. where can you get that video?
  3. Forge I have seen a good progression of style over the last few months and you have mad potential. Stick with it and work on them simples they get better everytime, one.
  4. I have heard of Fenix and know he's got ups and Forge I have never heard of you. When did you become CMW because I know a bunch of those cats and I have never heard of you before.
  5. Less talking and more titties! :D
  6. Mister Ways, I saw that comment before you edited it, I am glad you had the heart to change it cause I was just about to say fuck you!
  7. Yo, Wayzilla what's up the X's? And how come you haven't posted those flix from when we went painting two days ago? Super slacking, quit looking at the internet porn and post some more shit!
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Fucking hysterical Revizzle, ain't that the truth!
  9. Damn, Ways now you have a whole thread to yourself! What the hell is going on here? Dope shit as always, talk to you soon homie! Italy One - THM :D
  10. Checkmate goes to Plebian Rock, but that Face shit is fresh too. My vote goes for Plebian Rock the Revizzle.
  11. Spellbound vs Plebian Rock Damn, both my boys hitting that shit hard, I can't even vote! Fuck it, it's a tie! (Although I think Revise is ahead by a nose, but don't tell anyone in the projects.)
  12. Ciste I will let Spellbound know you posted some shit, he's been slacking too. Just some busy ass times for all, but I will let him know. PLus I like that shit very fresh, I hope my man can come back at ya. Italy One_:D
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