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  1. bump that RTl ... abels, lingo, doper keep it fly and always stay real
  2. abels hit your boy up i just got my own caSa player....
  3. Re: Re: Re: i like animals oh. well then i take back my statement. your a nameless nobody. eat a dick
  4. cant have a beef thread without old keli thats funny how little shit their is in houston , but how much of it is slashed or burned cough westhiemer cough
  5. im shaking my head at you right now. you should seriously be embarressed
  6. yall can hit me up at theatrainer@yahoo.com
  7. Re: How Bout These? i always say that before painting. face and bad religion: id like to trade with yall,
  8. Re: i like animals well said. intestin: even though i think dont really agree with you on all this shit i appreciate that your opiniated. its good to see people who dont give a fuck and come out with their opinions, but its worthless if you dont day who you are.... just another anonomiss internet preacher. so who are you ????? dont be shy
  9. hey anonimojo whyd you have to put my picture out like that man?????
  10. now that you expressed, said, told, shared, stated, indicated, spoken, verbalized, sprouted, extolled, proferred, given, made known, and put out all that bullshit about hip hop why dont you tell us what you meant about sex outside of love?:confused:
  11. real gansta ass niggas dont run for shit cause real gansta ass niggas dont run fast
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