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  1. dope but if you paint this shit you might wanna also refrain form the krown over the D. not really the status your at right now homie.
  2. i wonder who owns that wall......
  3. bump ohana...cheee huu contribute 4wobel
  4. there's already a BRUTIS TE.........and he is dope
  5. forgot about tis thread..... handle that..soker
  6. name me one person in my crew that says imma revok biter...thats right bitch you cant so stop making things up...and keep backing down bitch thats what your all about, the mutha fucken keyboard..the only way you get up is 12oz...fucken unstoppable..hahahahahaaha bitch made call my whole crew out and now you back down???? well let it be known that bogus can talk shit on the net but cant do shit when he gets out to the streets....oh wait everyone already knows it, even your whole crew!!!hahahahaaha
  7. this is just stupid.. tell your homie atack that i just booted him outa DIS'KREW, we never asked him to hit it up anyways. this was totally unnecessary uncleboy... are you trying to make my krew look stupid with the help of atack? i've tried nothing but keep my crew out of this.. while everybody is pissed that soker capped the hypersports wall. im tellin them to relax and stay out of it. stop trying to pull them in. as far as me and my crew is concerned..we are og and nothing is gonna change that. people outside of DE crew.... just look in. CREW ONLY i made a mistake comin back on 12oz... cool people turn to devils on here.. kickin back with my beautiful brazilian girls is fun for me.. not for you. :haha: im going to brazil! fuck america Quoted post [/b] everyone mad at me?? i have talked to the other peeps that hit that wall wit you. they seemed pretty relax to me and got nothing against it...you talking shit bitch. cool people turn to devils, when ass kissers like you(when you see us in person) turn it to some kinda of tough guy behind that keyboard. beautiful brazilian girls??? you ack like your some kinda pimp!!! fuck bitch, me and you both know your not no pimp. IM A FUCKEN PIMP! im AF, bitch recognize. you got girls...hahahahahaahah you wanna talk about bitches??? shit i burn your graff, with eeezzzz. GIRLS? shit bitch your in pop waner imma mutha fucken pro!! BITCH:but dont worry folks.. i've got plans for walls..styles beyond. im gonna be takin it back to the oldschool. keep talking you aint got shit...the only style you have now is that your pieces get to wear soker throwies on um!!! BITCH:nah, they're getting too dumb to battle... well, maybe in the future. been wanting ot battle for a long time, especially float.. that should be fun. but hey, its the same thing that happened when they were battling te.. empty threats and dissing.. no battle comin from af.. i'll tell you that. history repeats once again This post has been edited by willy.wonka: Today, 04:44 PM fuck the future bitch!! stop tryna avoid us...YOU GOT YOURSELF A BATTLE...did you not see all your pieces yet???? you say "no battle comin from af" DID YOU NOT GET IT WHEN I CAPPED YOUR SHIT!!! IT^S A BATTLE AND ITS ON... bitch, didnt i read awhile back that you were the one backing down because your upper management was tellin it to you straight?????? you say the we got the "empty threats".....well you say battle, so we bring it!!! did you??? I say we fucken go up and up when we see each other...me and you. have some fun with our fist, maybe roll around on the ground......so when the day comes, well see whos the empty one..bogus who??
  8. you sent me a messege..."whats the deal.. who is this?" you know who this is dont try and act. i left you a messege on here for you to read then edited it, so dont act like your clueless about it. geting yourself into this shit by talking on the internet as always. you say you wanna battle my crew.......and then you wanna make rules for it???oh lets do it peicing style battle...... now thats what you call TOY. so dont call anyone in my crew as of doing toyish shit till you stop with the toyish shit....you wanted to battle so we brought it. I'll BURN anything you bring to this battle, anything.. soker
  9. yo willy, i wanna talk to you in person too.. get at me
  10. we all already did a little capping..... and as always.... i left my name so wich one you talking about?
  11. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v37/tekue0ner/Picture323.jpg'>
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