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  1. Haha. Good point. Im tired of all of these cock-holders whining about who will be able to read their shit 5 months down the road!! :lol: You should love it all. ( Well, not all, but most) ;)
  2. Thank god When saved this thread.
  3. Sarin

    1 reefer

    I saw that a few months back...
  4. That glue WC made me drool hahahah he is always on point
  5. No pics All moving... skim WC Glue/utah.. Ichabod e2e ...old UP kuhr venom Glue upfe If i sstopped smokin ..i might be able to tell you all more....:crazy:
  6. Now this is a piece http://img7.exs.cx/img7/2944/WebBenchgraff054.jpg'> Some of these guys should take notes...:lol:
  7. Youre lucky you even see Xs.:rolleyes:
  8. How in the fuck do I order one if I dont have a credit card.:confused:
  9. great pic http://www.madclout.com/aart/images/c8.jpg'>
  10. Sarin


    i seen that mighty whitey peeking around the corner kure upfes! Nice one.................
  11. That lost is sick! Nice post...
  12. Im for graffiti, period. Readable or not. But wouldnt be gay if everyone did 'readables'? Sometimes I wish we all dressed the same too. Oh yea, and im the sure painter doing the 'unreadables' thinks about YOU seeing his piece at "60mph" and you cant read. :( :rolleyes:
  13. I hate him and deep deep down inside ...I hate him.:lol:
  14. amish to the rescue Nice post who wants credit?
  15. spinal remains size 21 sekto Skim Awe
  16. Sarin

    160 STAY!

    That shit looks better than your freights:lol: Keep it up...
  17. always correct Glue x 2 coup x 2 scar king nace ebis nice...
  18. Sarin

    Last postie?

    supher I dont care if you leave or not
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