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  1. Sarin

    Fear of the Unknowns

    Haha. Good point. Im tired of all of these cock-holders whining about who will be able to read their shit 5 months down the road!! :lol: You should love it all. ( Well, not all, but most) ;)
  2. Sarin

    TEXAS freight flix!!!

    Thank god When saved this thread.
  3. Sarin

    1 reefer

    I saw that a few months back...
  4. That glue WC made me drool hahahah he is always on point
  5. Sarin

    spotted 82

    No pics All moving... skim WC Glue/utah.. Ichabod e2e ...old UP kuhr venom Glue upfe If i sstopped smokin ..i might be able to tell you all more....:crazy:
  6. Sarin

    emotion of promotional devotion......

    Now this is a piece http://img7.exs.cx/img7/2944/WebBenchgraff054.jpg'> Some of these guys should take notes...:lol:
  7. Sarin

    fix up look sharp

    Youre lucky you even see Xs.:rolleyes:
  8. Sarin

    Stolen Coats FR8 DVD

    How in the fuck do I order one if I dont have a credit card.:confused:
  9. Sarin

    5inco de mayoe

    great pic http://www.madclout.com/aart/images/c8.jpg'>
  10. Sarin

    The Annual Sigh Post

    ok, I love him.
  11. Sarin


    i seen that mighty whitey peeking around the corner kure upfes! Nice one.................
  12. Sarin

    All Hits, No Miss>

    That lost is sick! Nice post...
  13. Sarin

    I need help

    Im for graffiti, period. Readable or not. But wouldnt be gay if everyone did 'readables'? Sometimes I wish we all dressed the same too. Oh yea, and im the sure painter doing the 'unreadables' thinks about YOU seeing his piece at "60mph" and you cant read. :( :rolleyes:
  14. Sarin

    The Annual Sigh Post

    I hate him and deep deep down inside ...I hate him.:lol: