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  1. vomit gets crossed by idiots who dont know any better. the "austin half dead team" or whatever is friends who have fun together. occasionally they paint...more often than not they drink heavily... who cares either way. does swinging on sekt's nuts feel good rewd? mr. monster sqwad. tough guy internet chatter is the ultimate hypocrisy. your graffiti is ugly. does that make you mad? does it dignify a response? do i give a fuck? no. i am about to go to rehab in antigua for a month. vomit is having a great time on the west coast. you are stagnating in dallas. texas's asshole. enjoy the jealousy
  2. did someone just ask a question that is none of their buisness?
  3. the vomit organs rings my bell. my bell being my ass and the ringing of it is the ramming of my ass by the vomit penis.
  4. gomer didnt finish in time for me to get a flick of, but im sure someone will post it up later week. Quoted post [/b] did it get gone over today before anyone flicked it? that is lame as balls
  5. i couldnt get pictures before i left town...you should do that you...
  6. man weah rocks the latex off my toes :gaga:
  7. has paser ever bothered with letters? i think his stuff would look cool if there were just SOMETHING to follow.
  8. this was in a memphis thread. :chicken:
  9. that girl looks like she has something coming out her nose
  10. posting the same crap in three threads wont make it any better lookin. just stick to this one ok
  11. yuck dude thats fuggin gross
  12. what bitch you wanna get stabbed. i hung out with people from houston and now i know how to get stabby so watch yo back.
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