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  1. drone arms size 21 kum echoe
  2. man, fights happen on the daily, get over it. it was an unfair fight. if it was fair then you probably still would have won. regardless, it doesnt make me any more of less of a graffiti writer. i will battle whoever, however, whenever or fight anyone. you all know my email and can get at me any time but instead you have to set me up like some little bitches. funniest thing is you dont even know why you did it. i was with the person who started your crew a few days prior. get over this shit. i know who you ALL are and you are nobodys. scumdog=mine fugazi=4get...you guys are a joke. the guy who beat me up was nurose. tell me now, has anyone seen anything good by any of these guys or even know who they are? you think that beating someone up is obtaining some form or fame. i am still here; still getting over just as much, and i will continue to do so. there is cops all over these boards and they HAVE used text and photos in court cases. showing a video and saying that guy is pores is no better than turning picutres of me to the cops. stop acting like kids and act like adults. you all know how to get ahold of me and you ALL know i have never ran away from a mother fuccing thing so get at me if you wanna handle shit like me. otherwise, continue... poreroners@yahoo.com
  3. you guys are worse than cops. you need to keep your traps shut. you caught me off gaurd, you got me. wow! you didnt gain anything from it. youre not better writers at all! all youre doing is telling the cops shit to put me in jail now. if you guys want a good story why dont you ask mr water(the brother of one of the guys who beat me up) what happened when i spit in his face in front of his girlfriend and threw him out of his own house. or when my boy oscar clowned him to his face and all he could do is studder. or when i about drug him to the street and beat the shit outta him...if you are honestly saying that its such a horrible thing to lose a fight then you all dont know what the fucc a fight is!
  4. if u marks put anything else incriminating regarding me or any footage showing anything revealing as far as my figure it will be your last mistake...
  5. both my fathers are cops? haha...thats a new one. before u go and call someone you have only met one time a mark you should learn some facts. dont go believing everything some toys tell you. and if my dad or "dads" were cops why in the fucc would u say that shit on a message board? wounldnt that be considered snitching? you guys are nobodys...stop saying shit on some message board trying to gain fame off it. if u wanna handle something email me and we can handle shit on the streets...otherwise try and set me up again and think you are gaining something. you all know my email, and i have never ran from any of you. you aint gotta set anyone up or pull some shady shit to find me. man up and handle you shit! you all just sound like a bunch of nerds talking on here. you win some you lose some. if u would have squared up with me and fought me one on one then maybe you would have something to brag about. quit talking on the internet poreroners@yahoo.com
  6. Pores


    160 buy it! good shitt!
  7. if you little internet thugs think you gained some kind of rep by setting someone up and jumping them, youre sadly mistaken. the streets speak louder than any little gossip you talk on a message board. your 15 minutes of fame will soon be up...and if you little marks put anything on the internet showing my face, body, size, location or anything else incriminating, i assure you u will regret it. you did not gain any clout by beating up someone half your size. i didnt care about any of you but this shit will be handled on the streets. please keep your chatter off the message boards. :king: see u soon!
  8. KING COLD KILLER!!! nice to see the fam is holding it down out there. nice spoke tags too. cold killer taking over! someone better save me and move a couple of those! holler from chitown! aye, and floe, you better not be in jail nigga!:king:
  9. the hardest crew around refleks...nice nice nice fliccs. loving the rusty shit and the hog throwups...jw rooftop and thca roller looking hot too. who did the roller?
  10. strut tre nise eye bubs A2M
  11. Pores

    Forward motion

    reup reup fatso AFEX!
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