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  1. fresh moas phar and crel panels lurking on the southern line over xmas..
  2. bump for all the south centrals on this page...part from the hype one :huh2:
  3. if yr talking about the zom/hastey stuff, thats no "south western" its that disco train that runs on thameslink/southcentral tracks in south london... fresh panels though, nice to see Quoted post [/b] disco train lol...i called it the multicolored south centralz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!deep south trains..bump for them flicks....................
  4. pitty about the shit aces though :haha: Quoted post [/b] :haha: :haha: :haha:
  5. whats that got to do with this thread? post sum pictures all the good threads are dieeeeeing
  6. fuuuuuuukiiiin hell its an internet forum u kind of people are a joke :huh2:
  7. homeboy...the over thread is a general question and junglists junglettes rollin...if u wanna cum dicuss about choons and listen to them post up the links on here http://cms-stu-iis.gre.ac.uk/db810/music/h...ctober%2095.mp3 Nicky BlackMarket Hyper D 95 roast
  8. drum and bass/jungle is the shit darker than hip hop sum would disagree but if u get a good dnb producer producing sum sick beats then it is sick...dillinja favourite at the moment but some people fink hes stuff sounds the same i disagree and fink he has hes own sound and can produce criss fuckin choons...twisted individual is a sick producer and new comer ZEN to look out for!!! i started a new thread for dnb to check for hot choons and evnts and shit peace out to all junglists and juuuuunglettes!!! :clown2:
  9. a thread to dicuss drum and bass... all aspects..choons,favourite djs' mc's producers... put links to any choons uve made for all to listen and talk bout...JUNGLE MANIA!!! hot choon to look out for ZEN::Rhubarb And Custard ....the next twisted individual blaaaaaap!! :clown2:
  10. what so if u a junglist or junglette your a chav? naaaaaaaaaaaaahh????????????????? :huh2:
  11. same pic posted a million times????wots dat mean i sed if anyone has any of okers ny shit post it up??? aint gunna b the same pic posted a million times???:huh?: :huh2:
  12. so you want someone to cum along and dog ur pieces wiv a 2 second bomb??? :spent: sounds a bit twisted. from anuva view oker and dels might just be taking the best plots and the only way to do dat is by taking somone out...or because they love the attention??? there will always be beef its part of life but i dont fink u should look for it:innocent: i personally rate oker and dels cos there doing there part
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