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  1. utah is nothin but a bunch of fuckin toys. suck my dick. :king:
  2. I have an idea, stop posting your own shit TOY!!!
  3. SandeepPunja


    Toy ass fucking post. Get a life loser.
  4. gangsta gangsta ! :hatred: some nice burners.
  5. this post was done by some self promo homo's... \x/3$t $|d3 spade one droppin gems on em.
  6. that family lines system car is the sickest thing ive ever seen. :gaga: :gaga: :gaga: :gaga: :gaga: :gaga: :gaga: :gaga: :gaga: you shouldnt bench venom hes a toy.
  7. kuhr, sigh. keep it up.
  8. kuhr payer sigh , nice post keep it up :)
  9. booze x 2 Owbe Venom Kero all good catches even though theyre smaller than an eskimo weiner.
  10. i met him one time, he was a cool dude (venom) but he smelled like onions...
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