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Lame Saint

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  1. Lame Saint


    i think it might look good without that photoshop style spraypaint on the and1 part, and maybe align all the text "the streets meet your screens"
  2. wow, nice letters ...did you trace them straight from mr wiggles' site on graff? at least say where you got them from -- i guess it would be ok if you were just practicin, but dont go claimin all of those styles when they are the exact ones on www.mrwiggleshiphop.net
  3. Lame Saint

    toy or not

    u have decent art skills -- just work on letter structure and u'll be set
  4. :/ http://www.angelfire.com/cantina/wannabeeboi/dost.jpg'> finally got my hands on some prismas, this is my first piece that i've colored btw, how do u blend? do u have to get a special marker for that?
  5. http://www.angelfire.com/cantina/wannabeeboi/bot.jpg'>
  6. Lame Saint


    i aint one to get mad online -- this aint any diff. i'm not mad, and dont try and make urself look all big online by tryin to call me a fag an' all and saying 'ehhh' to me is saying 'ive seen better on my dogs ass.' maybe im misinterpreting...maybe not...thats why i said what i did peace
  7. Lame Saint


    look at ur shit before u speak -- i know mine isn't the greatest but i dont need that comin from u
  8. Lame Saint


    Lame my gross throwie http://www.angelfire.com/cantina/wannabeeboi/throwie.jpg'>
  9. Lame Saint


    letter structure is bad work on simples
  10. quickies http://www.angelfire.com/cantina/wannabeeboi/chars.jpg'> quick sketches
  11. what the hell? could i get some feedback? all i got was bullshit info on how to steal prismas, something i'm never gonna use.
  12. aite, preciate tha feedback oh yeah, i'm too much of a puss to steal those markadoras
  13. got a.d.d. and did a completely diff style for the e. colored in photoshop (too poor to buy prismas)
  14. more: self-crit: I know the L and the A look a little wack -- this is from about 2 months ago; just got a scanner :D ...and the lines look a little shaky http://www.angelfire.com/cantina/wannabeeboi/graff.jpg'> edit: oh yeah, preciate crit from u 2, will work on da crap
  15. first time posting here, so i thought i'd play it safe and post in toy thread http://www.angelfire.com/cantina/wannabeeboi/graff2.jpg'>
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