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  1. adroit

    the NEW sketch thread

    not done yet but figured i'd post what ive got to bump this thread never did a tree before---thanx paid http://img50.photobucket.com/albums/v152/adroit/autumnends.jpg'>
  2. adroit

    the NEW sketch thread

    kraut--youre fuckin crazy with it--keep posting--im diggin it...some recent stuff here---pretty simple http://img50.photobucket.com/albums/v152/adroit/abstractalch.jpg'> http://img50.photobucket.com/albums/v152/adroit/redlove.jpg'> http://img50.photobucket.com/albums/v152/adroit/sharp.jpg'>
  3. adroit

    the NEW sketch thread

    good idea for a thread---it seems there is no other place to post http://img50.photobucket.com/albums/v152/adroit/alienadr.jpg'> http://img50.photobucket.com/albums/v152/adroit/briteadr.jpg'>
  4. adroit


    i think the name AND the pieces are both ILL...i really like the second one's letters...that's kinda my style....keep postin man
  5. adroit

    The Bible

    gustoism..diggin your style ast...sick ass shit http://osk@phatmethod.com/andres/ladyman.jpg'>
  6. adroit


    some characters n shit--i like that one UNKOWNTALE http://www.osk@phatmethod.com/andres/char.jpg'>
  7. adroit


    yo--i don't say much on these forums cuz of all the drama but CAL said--"someone will eventually like it" DUDE --so even though you arent very experienced you just post anyway hoping someone out there will be like "wow ..that sticker is awesome" ---man you're no artist---doing shit for OTHER people rather than trying to progress.... well...no beef....and maybe im completely wrong but i was just annoyed at your statement---laaate
  8. adroit


    ummm...first time doing stickers...they suck in my opinion...not nearly enough space....fun tho http://osk@phatmethod.com/andres/firestik.jpg'> http://osk@phatmethod.com/andres/ganjastik.jpg'> http://osk@phatmethod.com/andres/starstik.jpg'>
  9. adroit

    a outline

    i dont think arrows are played out if you do em correctly.... and you, my friend, are not using arrows wisely...nor 3-d... you're gettin too ahead of yourself...something i did not too long ago ---just do simple letters using bars and wutnot maybe working off of a handstyle if easier for u---peec
  10. adroit

    Character Post

    is that a joke??^^^^^ heres a caracter from me...kinda rushed mind you....i'll do a photoshop one soon http://osk@phatmethod.com/andres/carac.jpg'>
  11. adroit

    The All New Blackbook Thread

    and another one---i dont know what the hell i was thinking with that R ---i dont know what it is but i can never R's right gspot---niceness all around as usual--- propaganda---i like those colors---crazyashell ps ...someone help me with my goddamn R's!!! http://osk@phatmethod.com/andres/west.jpg'>
  12. adroit

    The All New Blackbook Thread

    uummm...not really feelin this one but i'll post it anyway--- http://osk@phatmethod.com/andres/shocking.jpg'>
  13. adroit

    The All New Blackbook Thread

    i like that ^^^^color that stuff
  14. adroit

    The All New Blackbook Thread

    thanx dawg----heres one i just did--- http://osk@phatmethod.com/andres/hiphop.jpg'> i wonder if they'd accept me in the QUALITY WORK ONLY thread
  15. adroit

    The All New Blackbook Thread

    heh thats funny...the R was my favorite letter---thanx tho heres one i just did http://osk@phatmethod.com/andres/photosynthesis.jpg'> wuts everyone doing ...keep this thread going