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  1. stop hatin herbs no fliks are showin up anyway
  2. yea i like that! drop me a email if your ever as bored as i am on here.hoffa pfe.kd.tm7 goldcard membership
  3. cnd crew from ny... wane cod... and the sew wall sorry for not being specific enough for ya.
  4. weres the cnd.wane.philly shit at??????????? postem up
  5. Who is that cat flexin TM7 next to you in one of the flix. post that flik
  6. stop cryin paints paint get montana for the colors not the quality
  7. yo holla at themocm@hotmail.com i have some work id be down to sell email me for samples. thanks
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/1040000/images/_1043675_druguse300.jpg'>
  9. sendem to my email ill try to postem
  10. yo too many fliks!! reminds me of why i started piecin. i know you got some more old bronx shit
  11. werd. quest. harbor blue jaes best thread on here in a long time
  12. good flkis! got any more old ivory flicks?
  13. very fresh riter! ive consumed alotta alchohol with this cat. when im sober ill scan some fliks for this shit to
  14. ExtraUnherda


    http://www.wildstyletechnicians.com/images/tees/WST_THEMO.jpg'> http://www.wildstyletechnicians.com/images/tees/WSTECHS_THROWIE.jpg'>
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