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  1. bless skuf,he can bom but when it comes to speaking coherent english.....straight up wack yo.
  2. http://www.fukbmth.fotopic.net/ bournemouth
  3. FairDinkum

    uk wall flixs

    http://www.fukbmth.fotopic.net shinin' some light on a sleepy seaside town. arks/peas/mack/logik/get1/
  4. rooftop tags and linin out swizzle sounds like devon is where its at. angry flamingo masturbation
  5. check the old mefa reach under the jawn!
  6. the wall looks pretty fresh to me
  7. you re a jewish quaker wannabe
  8. what the fuck is the thing round the 's' all about?\
  9. you can never beat a bit of penge in the summer.north london is full of gimps anyway,Mr.Torrance will vouch for that.
  10. looking at lemon & limes post is depressing.south london streets are full of kak these days
  11. nail was a wicked bloke.he put me down in my first crew AFM, i still hit it up a bit in memory of him.he was a good friend of condem i think they painted a few tubes together in the early 90s.Always Floggin Monkeys nail rip....
  12. heal knocked whos teeth out?
  13. he's got a crisp handstyles too.whereabouts are 3a from in the States?what does 3a stand for?
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