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  1. That collection of the ech one shit has to be some of the gayest shit i have ever seen.
  2. stop with the BST ..... no one cares.
  3. Montana makes toys look better than they would ever be with a can of Rusto.
  4. it's a lower case q... fag
  5. damn that cracka jack needs to pull up he fuckin pants.
  6. nukka

    Criticize me

    get off the fuckin internet and paint you fag.
  7. that's whats up. bump for atari.
  8. props to the other snail for doing his thing or whatever, he's got some steez, but he bursted into frisco tryin to bomb and got beat bad, plus he started biting the SF snayle after he got run out... big ups to the SF SNAYLE.
  9. nukka

    Roof Tops

    ESPO AND SEVER :king: :king: :king: :king: :king:
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