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  1. YGs layin drywall down at the mcdonalds... and that noogah couldnt deal with this job. he'd lose it quicker than a crackhead with a toonie.
  2. My life is office space.
  4. I want to order a 100$ worth of chinese food to this fat bitch managers' office and then watch her have to pay for it and eat it and get fatter. fuck you fat bitch manager
  5. My explanation will be, "working for the man, gets you no where Stan" and then I will go drink a long island iced tea with my friends at the beach.
  6. Im trying to get fired because Im moving across the country in 2 weeks and I could care less about this hole and their corporate mission statement. And getting fired is way more entertaining then quitting. quitting is for losers. George Castanza never quit.
  7. http://www.wjzy.com/graphics/images/george.jpg'> I've been trying to get fired from my wretched job for the past 3 weeks and I've come to a conclusion that the "GEORGE CASTANZA THEORY", does in fact, work. here is a list of things I have done in the past week alone: 1. Called in 'sick' last 'Sunday morning' or 4:30am Saturday night, completely wasted. Loud music and other drunken people talking in background, manager asks, "if Im sick?" and my wasted response is, "Its gonna be one of those days, if ya catch my drift"..... 2. IVE DONE NO WORK FOR 6 WEEKS. NOTHING. NADA
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