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Posts posted by justaname

  1. damn... finna be able to log into this place.


    So I'm looking to get a bike and i would like to hear your opinion on this piece




    "1975 Honda CB360T Runs good, all original (paint too) except for pipes. New tires. 07251 miles & Classic plates. Clear title in hand."


    obviously, it's not only like new but it's a trophies winnah! Buyer ask for 3200. What price should I start with? or any advice really.

  2. been doing a TON of baking lately. haven't really had time to make meals per se. here's a couple of my favorite cupcakes my wife and i done lately.


    whiskey apple bacon cupcake

    whiskey apple cake, apple bacon compote filling, apple cinnamon spiced frosting



    did have time to slow cook some motherfuckin' pork belly though

    pork belly, persimmon tomato rustic sauce, carrots and some kale


    OHMAHGAWD!! DAH CUPCAKEZ N DAH PORKBELLAHZ!!! I feel like I can reach through and take all that from you. Well played, buddy.

  3. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


    [ Feel free to share your experiences or ask questions ]

    With children im sure its going to be tough on all of them. I am no professional on this matter but i figured maybe i might get some applicable advice here.. Any helpful thoughts?



    Let Maury be the judge.

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