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  1. RIP ODB HOST FLICKS AT http://www.techimage.net
  2. :love2: Quoted post [/b] no offense but a lot of time i see gaus tags i think it says 'gays'
  3. this is more boring then the fuckin presidential debates.
  4. http://www.206hop.com/graff/perck/perk_alley.JPG'>
  5. http://www.206hop.com/crisisclothing.com/styles/universal/hats/wezelmrpenis.jpg'>
  6. Word thats what im saying http://www.206hop.com/graff/sneke/04_snekeculture.jpg'>
  7. Motha fucka graffiti is universal. Music preference is a personal choice. There is all types even fags but really you gotta respect the old school ny subways for creating the culture that you surround yaself with i mean have you ever painted a train. I mean there is traditions to that shit that was passed from that time period when hip hop was coming together and graff culture was a huge part of that. but Really this shit is street and thats everybody in the city so dont hate cause you cant sneke in like everybody else cause that shit was live as fuck!
  8. http://www.206hop.com/art/bodyart/chee02.jpg'> http://www.206hop.com/art/bodyart/beccabre.jpg'>
  9. http://i.myspace.com/35/54/264553/809169_l.JPG'>
  10. http://i.myspace.com/35/54/264553/809169_l.JPG'>
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