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  1. http://www.amersol.edu.pe/_06epelleDO NOT DELET ENRIQUE PLEEEASEKABZ.jpg'>
  2. _06epelleDO NOT DELET ENRIQUE PLEEEASEKABZ.jpg'> http://www.amersol.edu.pe/_06epelleDO NOT DELET ENRIQUE PLEEEASEmariel.jpg'> http://www.amersol.edu.pe/_06epelleDO NOT DELET ENRIQUE PLEEEASEmuac.jpg'>
  3. testing http://www.amersol.edu.pe/_06epelleDO NOT DELET ENRIQUE PLEEEASEARIANNA.jpg'>
  4. i think they are horrible:sick: :sick: :zombie:


    id take that... as a yes
  6. you cant see em?? i can fuckin see em.. weird. try show picture
  7. could i get some reeal feedback..


    rresembles lost kid or some of starvs work very sexy.. i love shit like that dirty but clean
  9. Re: Luka China si, este es mi cru.. pero el ya no vivo en lima. el esta en vancouverpero siguio pintando.. en lima estamos anto muac scream meak winer once.. el size estaba en nuestro cru pero ya no pes. yo pinto muac. cruzer se va a visitar creo pero no se cuando
  10. ill admit the R on the mariel has some resemblence to riftos but i really dont want to hear about it.. it was a coincidence.. if u see any other works of mine,, youd know i never bite
  11. as yall can tell my inks rrunnin low... POT STICKER MANIA!:lick:
  12. Should i still post here? Fdr-webWeb-Server_06epelleDO NOT DELET ENRIQUE PLEEEASEmariel.jpg'> Fdr-webWeb-Server_06epelleDO NOT DELET ENRIQUE PLEEEASEmuac.jpg'>
  13. Fdr-webWeb-Server_06epelleDO NOT DELET ENRIQUE PLEEEASEARIANNA.jpg'> test.. Fdr-webWeb-Server_06epelleDO NOT DELET ENRIQUE PLEEEASEKABZ.jpg'>
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