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  1. TheTruthHrtz

    The Bible

    Anyone who knows the deal can tell you this thread used to be something you could come to to see examples of blackbook pages that had top notch letter styles, coloring, or both. Toys used to get regulated by other members and their shit got deleted by mods. There were also a lot of well known and respected writers that were contributors to this thread. These days any toy can come post in the "bible" and get away with it. Even worse, other toys will come and give you props for your wack shit. I suggest you go to the first page and copy and paste some of the links there in to your browser so you can see examples of the type of stuff that was considered acceptable for this thread. I know a lot of the links don't work anymore but there are a some that do. Bottom line, when I'm looking to peep some quality work I rarely even bother with this thread anymore...sad. Edit: There's some dope stuff on the last page...this one's off to a bad start though. "This thread is meant for sick black book styles of pieces. It is not meant for everyone....It's not about egos it's about the product. I've also noticed tons of character and more artsy type styles getting posted in the TBII thread. Most of the time they're sick as fuck, however, this is for pieces only - if there's a character incorporated into the piece then so be it."- Astism in first post of this thread
  2. TheTruthHrtz

    The Bible

    The lack of quality control has ruined this thread.
  3. It's probably made for whoever appreciates the artwork or message behind the artwork. And whether you like it or not that often includes writers...
  4. let us know if you actually receive one....then I'll spend the time jumping through the hoops:idea:
  5. spiderman and goblin history
  6. just installed yesterday...wireless router, airport card, and xbox live wireless adapter...
  7. Cashiers that don't punctuate a transaction with a polite 'thank you" chap my hide. Then I say thank you and they say 'no problem'....NO, the correct reply is 'You're welcome' dumbass.
  8. and exactly why should we appreciate her? How about a non-appreciation thread? :idea:
  9. Whatever floats your boat partner... Are they regular prismas? Because regular prismas are non opaque...meaning it won't go over other colors well if at all.
  10. Once again...Prismas are for paper-not canvas. Paint markers work on canvas (decocolors, speedball painters, etc).
  11. A line sheet is basically a printed page or pages with photos and descriptions of your goods. Like a catalog but usually not professionally printed.
  12. A lot of light people in here. I fluctuate between around 157 and 184 depending on how I eat and how much I work out. On average probably around 172.
  13. A tee shirt company or a clothing line? There is a difference...
  14. Yeah, I enjoy smut as much as anyone else but somthing about bachelor parties just doesn't seem cool. Last one I went to guys were taking turns licking whip cream of the chicks with only a quick wipe with a baby wipe in between...no thank you.
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